The Daily Times Posted A Fake Tweet On Their Front Page And Lmao, We Don't Think They've Realized

By Biya Haq | 7 Apr, 2018

Publications can be pretty quick to pick up commentary, especially when it comes to conversations that are happening on and around social media. Hey, it’s our job! We want to know what you guys are interested in.

However, lol, it seems as if the Daily Times, was a little too quick to pick up a tweet by ‘Ramiz Raja.’

Source: @dailytimespak Via: Twitter

Ahem, and if we just zoom in a bit:

Source: @dailytimespak Via: Twitter

Annnnd just a little more:

Source: @dailytimespak Via: Twitter


The Daily Times masthead is currently featuring a satirical tweet from a fake Ramiz Raja account. FRONT PAGE, PEOPLE.

The tweet itself was in response to a real situation that started when our very own Shahid Afri tweeted in regards to Kashmir and the nature of the human rights violations that are taking place there.

(Note: This Shahid Afridi account is real.)

And though the tweet was pretty basic in terms of commenting on the situation, of course, it didn’t take long for Indians to use the opportunity to attack Afridi.

Oh and not just any ordinary people either,


The fake account’s tweet garnered a TON of attention and unfortunately was picked up by the Daily Times.

And honestly, it doesn’t seem like they have noticed but lmao the REAL Ramiz Raja has.

Along with the rest of Twitter.

We’re not telling anyone how to do their job, but in the era of citizen journalism and social justice warriors, it’s important to look out for phonies on the Internet. ESPECIALLY, if you’re posting it on the front page of your newspaper.

Source: @goldenglobes

What did you think about the incident? Did they post it on purpose? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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