This Magazine Just Posted A Questionable Image On Their Instagram And People Are Flipping Out

By Biya Haq | 20 Jun, 2018

Being the generation of technology, we know better than anyone that posting something on social media can come with a list of pros and cons, especially when you have a particularly heavy following. Or if you have family on Insta.



Which is why before posting, you have to realize that a number of eyes will be following along with every word you say, and every picture you post, but not necessarily the message behind the post.

Weekend Magazine, a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine in Pakistan received a TON of hate recently when they posted an image of a shopper at Al-Fatah.

Some good folk go to #AlFatah in their jammies, while other good folk throw on a pair of six inch heels, shades, blue hair, and a bit of bling. Ladies of #Lahore, we salute you for always bringing the extra extra 🙌🙌🙌 This charming lady is #AlveraOmar, who modestly described herself as “just” a housewife, and sweetly agreed to pose with the biscuits. You go, girl. 💪🕶👠🛍🛒💳🇵🇰 *A note to our readers:* We have read your concern, and we don’t take it lightly. So let us explain. There is absolutely no room on our instagram for mocking anyone’s appearance. As you may have noted we do not tolerate contempt for anyone’s dress choices. We requested the lady for a picture. We thought her look was cool street style. We had a friendly chat, she’s a designer, designs clothes mostly for her family, and we thought she looked great, and that it was nice that she enjoyed fashion. She said thanks, took our phone number and Instagram handle, and we parted ways. That’s all there is to it. Just to clear up any misconceptions about what our intentions were. Sorry if the caption sounded sarcastic, we weren’t meaning to be, it was honestly meant to be read as complimentary. But we learn from what you guys say, and that’s why this is us talking to you to say we’re sorry if you thought we were being mean. Sometimes in a mean world, a compliment is just a compliment, with no double meaning. We hope that makes sense.

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At first glance, no matter what the ‘ *Note to our readers*’ (which was added later) may say, it was clear to see that the image was subjecting the shopper to mockery. And immediately, that is exactly what happened, however not towards the shopper, but to Weekend, for posting the image in the first place.

Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram

And to be honest, they made fair points.

Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram

‘Weekend’ began to receive a ton of hate for posting the image and in response, the publication added the note to its readers to the image caption as well as posting this image as a source of justification for the image.

For everyone that has doubted our intentions behind the recent Al-Fatah post featuring a Ms. Alvera Omar, here is a screenshot of our team’s group chat. The post came from a good place and only a good place, we liked Ms. Omar’s outfit, her style, her confidence and above all her individuality. That is all we meant to highlight via our post 🙏🏻 We have always, always strived to be inclusive as a team and a publication and have never called out anyone with the intention of a mean girl. You are allowed to defend someone’s honour if the occasion calls for it but how about celebrating Ms. Omar’s style with us? This page is not operated by a bot or a team of mean girls🙏🏻 Peace and love, always✌🏻❤️

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Clearly, the image was not posted with malicious intent, however, it was also pretty obvious that the image should not have been posted in the first place.

Some users understood the thought process behind it and even began to appreciate the sentiment.

Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram


Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram


Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram


Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram

Others, on the other hand, did NOT feel the same way.

Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram


Source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram

The reality of the situation is, the editors at the magazine were well-intentioned with their views on the shopper and the image. However, their opinion was one that should have been kept in the group chat and not in the public domain. When they posted the image, they invited people to immediately start mocking the shopper, no matter what the caption was.

It’s great that the magazine wanted to celebrate the shopper’s individuality and style, however, posting it on social media was not a smart move to make.

Spewing hate on social media is much easier than spreading love and we see this on social media every day and this case has been no different. A picture says a thousand words and these words have not been so pretty.

What do you think of the image? Of the shopper? Do you think the magazine should have posted the image? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Weekend magazine Via Instagram

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