This Pakistani Artist Gives Incredible Superhero Makeovers And It's SO COOL

By Hurmat Riaz | 14 Jun, 2017

You don’t need to be a geek to be a Marvel or DC fan to enjoy a good comic book action. Characters like Batman, Iron Man, Superman or Hulk have captured a generation’s imagination. Wouldn’t you all want to be dressed up like your favorite superhero?


Murtaza Saeed is an Islamabad based artist who can give a superhero makeover to ANYONE

This one took me 25 years to make.

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He’s a 3D visual artist, draws your favorite superheroes in such detail that his artwork will make you watch their movies over and over again.


This is how Murtaza imagines himself in a post apocalyptic era

Yes, he puts himself in superhero movie action and it looks ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING.

Post apocalyptic me. #selfportrait #zbrush #digitalsculpting #portaitart #portraits #scars #scifi

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Murtaza’s artwork for popular superheros is incredibly unique, he can conjure them in unexpected ways

#batman / #robotbatman #superman #justiceleague

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Creatures from Lord of the Rings have been given a new look, too

Source: Murtaza Saeed Sketch Book / Facebook


The detailing that he goes through to complete each character is so meticulous


When he’s not recreating popular characters and giving them a new look, Murtaza also creates some of his original work

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Demons from your past or your dreams?

Okay this went a little dark but c’mon. They look so cool!

Source: Murtaza Saeed Skketch Book / Facebook


He’s recreated tons of our favorite characters with his intense drawing skills

Source: Murtaza Saeed Sketch Book / Facebook

Here’s a sneak peek of the long process that a painting takes to complete:


Apart from being a digital artist, Murtaza is a sculptor as well. His real life sculptures will also leave you awestruck

Are you as mind blown by the marvel of this artist as we are?


Cover image via: Murtaza Saeed Sketchbook / Facebook

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