Taaliyan For Hamza Ali Abbasi Who Called Out Everyone Making Fun Of Sarfraz Ahmed's Angraizi

By Iman Zia | 14 Jun, 2017

While Hamza Ali Abbasi seems to have an opinion on almost anything and everything in its entirety and recently giving very centralized thoughts on things like Wonder Woman

Source: Hamza Ali Abbasi / Facebook

You’d think everyone’s just given up trying to tame Salahuddin and his rapid, somewhat questionable mind boggling views, because let’s face it, Pakistanis are having a tough time agreeing with such extremities.


But then last night Hamza ne sach bol diya, and for once PEOPLE AGREED WITH HIM.

Via Deenga.com

He posted a video on Facebook dedicated to the boys in green after watching an interview with Sarfraz Ahmed where he was being hounded by questions in English and got a little overwhelmed.


Hamza expressed his disappointment that people were making fun of the fact that Sarfraz couldn’t speak English and how cricketers like him go abroad to play CRICKET, not to speak Angrezi.

Source: Deenga

He went on to say how if anything we should be criticizing the cricket team’s playing skills, and not whether or not they can speak English. He labelled this inferiority complex as stemming from the colonial mindset, and advocated it be gone.


And many agreed with Hamza, calling out the colonial mindset of making fun of Sarfraz

Via Facebook
Via Facebook
Via Facebook


With some advocating how wrong it is for our players to feel humiliated after winning.

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People also backed Hamza on the need to have a translator present at press conferences and interviews,

Via Facebook
Via Facebook


And that star sportsmen like Messi don’t even speak in English. They always speak in their native languages.

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Via Facebook


However some people expressed how it’s necessary to understand English if our boys are to play abroad and integrate with the sport on an international level.

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Via Facebook


Watch Sarfraz’s press conference after beating Sri Lanka below

We think he did a splendid job at answering despite seeming a little nervous.

What do you think of Hamza’s view? Do you agree? Should players learn thorough English and give into what he’s coined as the ‘colonial mindset?’


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