This Make Up Artist Just Recreated Iconic Pakistani Women's Looks And It Is Absolutely Brilliant

By Biya Haq | 9 Mar, 2018

This make up artist’s iconic women’s looks are really cool


International women’s day may be over, but people all over the world are still displaying their pride in the movement and how far we, as women have come and of course, how far we have yet to go.

Source: Beyonce Vevo Via: YouTube

And this pride, in particular, was displayed OH SO BEAUTIFULLY by this Pakistani makeup artist in Lahore who recreated five iconic Pakistani women’s looks in honor of Internetanational Women’s Day.


Ayesha Babar, the makeup artist based in Lahore, and the one responsible for all this beauty said,

“As Pakistani women, we are blessed to have so many inspirational women to celebrate.”

She went on to say, “Unfortunately, we don’t talk about these women half as much as we should so on Women’s Day I somehow wanted to show my admiration for them.”

“As a makeup artist, I thought the best way to pay tribute to some of my favorites was to recreate their most iconic looks. I chose these five in particular because I think there is really so much for us to learn from their lives.”

Not only is this an incredible way of paying an ode to the beautiful and iconic women of our country, but it just goes to show how can you truly express the power of women in any way you want.

Whether it’s marching in the streets with your picket signs held high or painting on the faces of some of the most powerful women in our history.

Being a woman in Pakistan, let alone the world is not an easy role to play. But Pakistani women especially have excelled beyond compare in the areas of entertainment, fashion, politics, the arts, literature and much much more against all the obstacles they have faced.

This tribute is just one of the ways we can show how proud we are of how far we have come and how far we will go. LOVE YOU LADIES.

How amazing were these images? Have any other women you’d love to see tributed to this way? Which women do you look up to? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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Source: Ayeshababarmakeupstudio Via: Instagram

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