This Lahori Has Been Collecting Mini Car Models Since He Was 8 And Now Has The Biggest Collection In South Asia

By Biya Haq | 3 Apr, 2018

Meet Amir Ashfaq, a Pakistani like any other, living in Lahore, minding his own business. Oh, except for the fact that,

He owns 5,554 dinky cars as a part of his own personal mini car collection.




 The inner child in all of us right now.

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Amir’s cars include models of some of the best cars in the world, everything from BMW, Audi, Mini Cooper to Honda, Nissan, and Lexus to name a FEW.


Amir now wants to win the title of the biggest collection in the world, who is currently held by Billy Karam, who has 25,000 toy cars in his possession.

When speaking to MangoBaaz, Amir talked to us about what he wants to do with the cars in the future. He said,

“I only wish to donate my toy cars for a ‘Noble Cause’ with an idea to display it for the nation especially ‘the kids’ with a charity/donation box. In this regard, I have tried my best to contact with Prime Minister office, Govt of Punjab departments, Lahore Museum management etc. through (emails, letter writing) but all in vain. I am still hopeful for a financial support and appreciation from somebody who know that this kind of treasure takes decades to build, hours and hours of care and have childhood memories alive.”


When we asked him what his favorite car was, he said:

“My favorite car is General Motor’s 1982 Pontiac Trans Am which appeared in the Hollywood TV Series “Knight Rider” in 1982. This car used as K.I.T.T. “Knight Industries Two Thousand” in the Series.”


On his website, Amir said:

“I love every single part about these street machines.

I love the sound, speed and especially the looks of these rolling masterpieces. The inspiration of cars will never escape out of my mind.

This quality about me will never change or alter in any way. I dream them, I feel them and I think about them all the free time I have. You would find Cars Magazines, Cars Brochures on my Shelves and Cars Posters on walls of my room.”


This is a hobby like no other, Amir has been collecting these mini toy cars since he was in the first grade. Could you say you’ve collected literally ANYTHING from the first grade!? Most of us can’t even remember our memories from then.

Amir says his passion for his collection is a lot more than just for the fun of it.

“Each of my cars has a history, Memories may fade with time but these cars take me back to moments in the past. When I hold a car in the palm of my hand, I remember things I had forgotten about the past, and this gives me immense joy. In fact, I can’t explain it in words.”


Finding something like this in Pakistan is wild and it’s honestly one of the best things we have seen in a while.

What did you think of the collection? Are you a fan of cars? Little cars? Visit Amir’s website for a look at more of his cars and be READY TO BE IN AWE. Love you.

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