This Is The Latest Pakistani Fashion Trend For The Summer And It Is SO Refreshing

By Biya Haq | 2 Apr, 2018

Everyone knows Pakistanis love to get all dressed up, dolled up and made up. And honestly, we’re pretty amazing at it too.

Well this past week, Pakistanis dressed their best when they strutted their stuff at the Hum Showcase by Pantene.

Like, YAS.


But the looks that really caught our attention this year were not on the red carpet – but on the catwalk.

Throw out your prints, ladies, and gentlemen, solid colors are officially trending and it is SO refreshing.

Finally, it seems as if the tradition of insane crazy and elaborate prints are going out of style and being replaced by simple, sleek bold colors.

Everyone from Misha Lakhani to Chapter 2 by Khaadi, designers are opting for the ‘less is more’ approach and we are DEFINITELY on board.

After this whole lawn season, it’s so great to see that Pakistanis are shifting away from what they’re used to. Though we have noticed the solid color trend, each designer put their best foot forward this year in every aspect of their clothes.

Sania Maskaitya presented clothes fit for a princess.

Elan WOW’D us, LIKE WOW.


It’s so refreshing to see Pakistani fashion stepping away from the usual heavy kaam lengha cholis that we’re all used to and frankly, quite bored of.

Here’s hoping there’s more of this innovation coming to Pakistani fashion. WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Love you.

What do you think about the showcase? Do you have a favorite look? Love the way fashion is going for the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo source: Elan/Misha Lakhani Via: Weekend Magazine

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