This Heroic Traffic Warden Risked His Life To Rescue Victims At The Blast In Lahore This Morning

By Biya Haq | 8 May, 2019

There’s hope after all.

Earlier this morning, a blast took place outside of Data Darbar in Lahore, killing 10 people.

Source: @Vicastomar Via Twitter

The blast was targetted towards an Elite Force mobile car parked outside Lahore’s Data Darbar in Defence. The explosion killed 10 people including children and the five policemen who were in the van during the attack with another 20 or so injured.

A seven KG bomb was used for the blast and according to Punjab IG Arif Nawaz, it was solely targetted towards the police. Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken up about the attack, condemning it and offering his condolences and has ensured that the Government will be stepping in to aid the families of the victims lost.

The attack is absolutely tragic especially given that the attack has taken place in the holy month of Ramazan. However, amongst all the terror and darkness that came to us at 8:30 this morning, one traffic warden proved to be the silver lining.

This Traffic Warden put his life at risk to rescue victims at the scene of the crime.

Posted on Twitter, a video of the Warden showed him stating that when the blast hit, without hesitation, he jumped the barrier and ran to rescue whoever he could. Upon seeing a number of dead bodies, including two children, the Warden found one among the fallen who had managed to stay alive and say ‘help.’ Right at that second, the man was rescued and taken to emergency care while the warden stayed behind to take care of the rest of the dead bodies at the scene.

Source: @Shukriasoomro Via Twitter

In his interview with Dunya, he stated that while he was moving the bodies and while he literally had their blood on his hands, he felt as though he was the one who should have lost his life, not all the people who died. As a Warden and as a member of the armed forces, he knew that it was his duty to leave his house every morning, knowing that he may not come back.

This kind of bravery is not something we see every day and especially in a country like Pakistan, cutting corners is not the hardest thing to do. However, this Traffic warden risked his life to save and rescue the lives of whoever he could without a moment of hesitation. While we remember the fallen, it is also important to honour those who were able to keep standing.

Have you been keeping up with the news of the blast? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: @Shukriasoomro Via Twitter/@Vicastomar Via Twitter

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