This Fearless Hero From Abbotabad Gave Up His Own Self To Stop The New Zealand Terrorist

By Manahil | 16 Mar, 2019

This hero from Abbotabad just charged right at the attacker.


49 people were murdered in a mass shooting in the Christchurch mosque by a white supremacist known as Branton Tarrant. He slaughtered these people, and shamelessly live streamed the whole thing. It’s been widely available on the internet and since then, has been seen by millions.


In the horrifying live stream of the attack a man can be seen trying to overpower that gunman, this man’s name is Naeem Rashid

This is the name we should all remember because this hero gave himself up to try and stop the attacker from going any further.


Here’s what you need to know about this hero

Halfway through the New Zealand shooting, a single, unarmed worshipper, did whatever he could to stop the attacker. His son, killed mercilessly a few minutes earlier, lay on the ground, dying, while Rashid “with no weapon, just his bare hands”. This is the meaning of courage. This is the meaning of bravery.

Naeem Rashid, was left wounded and was rushed to the hospital following the attack, but died later the same night.

The hero was from Abbottabad, where he worked in a private bank before immigrating to Christchurch to work as a teacher. Dr. Khursheed Alam confirmed on ARY news that his brother, the hero Rashid, as well as his nephew Talha died in the attack.


A Hero. A Martyr. A Selfless Soul.


The bravery and selflessness are what people are choosing to remember.


And some are even calling Prime Minister Imran Khan to honor the hero.


His family and friends describe him as a “kind soul”.

A beautiful, selfless soul, that did not deserve this happening to him or his family. May he rest in peace.


This Muslim Journalist’s Powerful Speech In Response To The New Zealand Terrorist Attack Will Break Your Heart


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