This Exclusive Box Of The Best Desserts In Lahore Is All You Need In Your Life RN

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Oct, 2019

hubbadabba is a labor of love; bringing the best desserts in Lahore from local home bakers to you, curated by yours truly.

A week ago, MangoBaaz launched its very own venture called, “hubbadabba“. The internet was flooding by conversations along the lines of what exactly is “hubbadabba”?  There were posts, videos and lots and lots of comments. Now, we’re ready to reveal what’s in store.

What is hubbadabba, you ask?

hubbadabba is a box full of the best desserts in Lahore packing a whole bunch of homey, comfort-food for your Netflix and chill needs. Six premium desserts, only for Rs. 2,490💕 in limited edition exclusive boxes 💕 available only for 25th, 26th, 27th October! To order, WhatsApp us at 0309-4156045 or follow this link.

Here’s what is in hubbadabba:


1. Devil’s Chocolate Cake:

This cake could run me over with a truck and I would be happily let it. I volunteer as a tribute. The best triple chocolate cake you have ever tasted, hands down and MangoBaaz certified. This cake will be in your dreams for the next few days.


2. Breakup Brownies:

Via: cafedelights

Gooey, rich and decadent, melt-in-your-mouth brownies that will help you get over your shady ex-boyfriend. Forget that heartache, forget the pain. Just bite into these yummy babies.

3. Spin ‘em Cinnamon Rolls

Via: @bigfatrolls / Instagram

Creamy, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside cinnamon rolls that make you feel like you’re munching on a cloud, certified to spin your head right round right round. Not one, but two of these yummies in a box. Who would say no to that?


4. Lotus trifle shot:

Via: @hubbadabba / instagram

You get a lotus shot, you get a lotus shot, errybody gets a lotus shot. With multiple layers, the trifle shot is a treat on days when you’re down. Every layer is packed with a surprise.


5. Banoffee Tart

Via: simplydelicious

Buttery crumbs, whipped cream, and caramelized bananas and toffee – these two tarts are for days when you really wanna be bad. Skip on your diet, pass on counting macros, get a garam a garam cuppa and bite right into it.

hubbadabba was conceived out of our love for all things local and home-made. Lahore is full of home-bakers and chefs making phenomenal food who just aren’t able to reach everyone.

With MangoBaaz Test Kitchen, we’ve handpicked the best desserts in Lahore after so many trials, our body was basically running on sugar 24/7 for weeks!

We hosted tastings at the office and everyone at work was on a perpetual sugar high. At the end of all this, we identified three very talented home-bakers with not only stunning desserts that tasted yum-frikken-licious but also wonderful stories.

Fahad Munir from @bigfatrolls,  the 19-year-old kid whose cinnamon rolls are his hugs to everyone he makes them for.

Mrs. Huma Jahanzeb from @allyoukneadpk who decided to pursue her passion after her kids pestered her for days.

Amna Amir from @bakesmith.baking who found that baking was her way of celebrating her mother who she had lost recently.

What next? We wanted to find a place to bring them all together. The answer: House of Twiinz. A studio in Lahore built on the foundation of a passion for the culinary arts. What better story than of these two young, dynamic sisters Anam and Rabiya Shami who had the foresight to drop out of college and enrolled themselves in culinary institutes instead to pursue their dream, regardless of what “log kya kaheingay

While we’re at it, we’d also like to give a special shout-out to our delivery partners, Bykea, who are going to be working extra hard over the weekend to make sure everyone gets their yummies on time ~

hubbadabba is more than the best desserts in Lahore, it’s about sharing these stories and making Lahoris fall in love with these home-businesses. Order a dabba or twenty and get your hands on the sumptuous desserts while supporting local businesses. And don’t forget to share your feedback.

What do you think about hubbadabba? Let us know in the comment section below.

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