This Bangladeshi Woman Gave Birth Twice In A Month – To Twins

By Biya Haq | 29 Mar, 2019


Imagine being done with giving birth and then having the Doc say whoops, birth one get two more free.

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Twenty-year-old Bangladeshi, Arifa Sultana gave birth to a boy in February and 26 days later; came into the hospital with lower abdominal discomfort.

This discomfort, according to an ultrasound turned out to be twins.

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Giving birth just less than a month ago, obviously, it was a shock to doctors and the young mom who had no idea.

Sultana has two uteruses which as you may have probably guessed, are not a very common thing. The babies were grown and nourished in two wombs. Technically speaking, this happens during the development stage. Two tubes fuse together to form the uterus but in Sultana’s case and in many rare cases, the fusion did not take place, resulting in two wombs and alas, three children.

Luckily enough, the doctors involved were able to perform a C-section and all three children came out happy and healthy with the brave mama okay too.

According to an article, this kind of situation is pretty much one in a million. And no, not saying this for dramatic effect, people. The occurrence of ‘twin gestation’ is literally a one in a million chance and the fact that it happened without being detected? Even less likely.

So when you were growing up and your parents said you were one in a million, they didn’t really mean it.

Or they did, but statistically speaking, it wasn’t true.

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When certain resources are not available to every single demographic in the country, it’s not hard to believe that these kinds of things may happen. Though this obviously an anomaly, we can understand this situation, being so that in Pakistan we have similar circumstances.

However even then! It is absolutely wild news to start off the weekend with and one hell of a story for the kids to tell when they grow up with their siblings.

Have you seen the story? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Today Show

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