These Scarily Real Facts About Childbirth Might Make You Rethink Becoming A Parent

By Astarte | 7 May, 2018

Childbirth facts to prepare you for what’s coming

Mothers-to-be are often not offered the exact information about childbirth. In an effort to label it “the best experience of your life”, a lot of crucial information is not passed on. And it is only on that day, that the woman actually realizes what is going on.


Sure becoming a parent can be one of the greatest joys of the world, but the actual experience of going through a pregnancy is nothing short of brutality and these childbirth facts prove that

Especially on the mothers, what with the way their bodies change, sometimes forever.



One of the most shocking childbirth facts that people don’t realize is that you will leak profusely

Welcome to the world where you have no control over your bladder. If you are minute late in response to your urge for pee, it is coming out!

Source: Ryan Seacrest Productions


There is a great chance that you will lose control of your bowel

During childbirth, one looses control over their bowel. And that my friend, is when you poop! Yes, right when you are busy birthing a child, your body decides to lose control and you poop in front of the world.

Source: Apatow Productions


While you’re at it, learn one of the most crucial childbirth facts: recovery time after a C-Section is longer

Abdominal surgery is no joke. The body takes much longer to recover from it than from a normal delivery. Hey, it still does not mean that you let people coerce you into having a normal delivery. Decide for yourself!

Source: The Donners’ Company


You might just break a bone

One their way out, a baby can possibly break your coccyx bone.

Source: Heyday Films


Pooping after birth, good luck with that

Your insides are sore after the birth and it takes them a few days to settle down and stop hurting. Meanwhile, you need to poop. That is going to be the one of the most hurtful experiences of your life.

Source: 3 Arts Entertainment


I am sure you already know about the mucus plug but if not, this is one of those childbirth facts that will make you go 😮 😮 😮 

Pretty sure you have heard about water breaking. That water is the fluid in your uterus in which your baby is floating. The mucus plug is exactly what it sounds like. It is a giant ass booger in front of your cervix. It keeps the water from breaking until it is actually time. However, the mucus plug might just come off way before birth. This means that you will have snot coming out of your vagina till birth.



The phenomenon of SNISS will be introduced in your life

You will pee your pants overtime that you sneeze. Sounds like a curse, pretty much is. Good luck trying to control your bladder.

Source: ABC Studios


You will never know what can make you barf

Every and any thing can make your barf. Standing up, lying down, the smell of candy or just plain old existence.

Source: Red Hour Films


Say hello to haemorrhoids

While some women don’t have to deal with haemorrhoids, some women do. These are veins around your bum, which can get swollen and inflamed. And that hurts a lot. Your blood pressure and blood flow changes during pregnancy. That adds pressure to your pelvic, and it increases the chances of these pains occurring regularly.

Source: Judgemental Films

All of this is very crucial information which the mother-to-be should have about childbirth. Take some time out to share it with people you care for.


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