13 Reasons Why MangoBaaz Is Desperately In Love With Momina Mustehsan

By Sarah Babar | 5 Dec, 2017

Maybe you guys are right. Maybe we do love Momina Mustehsan a liiiittle too much. Maybe there are other women out there in the world. Other women, we can absolutely love as much as we love Momina…

Women with nice hair

Source: cokestudio.com


And a really pretty smile

Source: muslimetimes.com


With a voice that even angels are smitten by

Source: @priyashah / giphy.com


Oh wait, yeh tau Momina hi hai

Source: MangoBaaz Video


Wellll, now that the year is ending, we thought we’d reinforce the love that we have for Momina Mustehsan…

So here are just 13 reasons to remind you why we love our pretty redhead so much!


1. Because she’s adorable even when it’s a candid photo

Source: @graziapk / instagram.com


2. She stands up for women’s rights aka uses her fame for the right reasons

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


3. Mirror shots do her absolute justice

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


4. Either she basks in the sun or the sun basks in her bright light

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


5. Even in black and white, she lights up the screen

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


6. She makes our days better

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


7. She’s been representing Pakistan on an International level

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


8. And absolutely doing us proud, no matter where she goes

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


9. We wonder if she’s thinking about how much she loves MangoBaaz in this picture

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


10. Look at her absolutely slaying every game out there

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


11. She likes watching what she eats…literally…

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


12. She’s stunned us every time she’s taken to the mic

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


13. And she looks just as nice all dolled up desi

Source: @mominamustehsan / instagram.com


The thing is, we will always love Momina. Hum tau rahein gey MominaBaaz. And we know, deep down, you do, too.

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