This Adorable Lockdown Wedding Has Gone Viral And It's Giving Us Major Couple Goals

By Sana Yasmeen | 2 May, 2020

This couple decided to go ahead with their marriage during this crisis and their lockdown wedding is giving us major couple goals.

Quarantine and social distancing have managed to change the landscape of what is considered normal. Whether it is the cancellation of an event we’ve been looking forward to for months or being devoid of any social contact with our favorite people, it is awful, concerning, and very disappointing.

However, this couple decided to not let quarantine, social distancing, or even coronavirus itself spoil their plans for the big day and still went ahead with their lockdown wedding.

This couple from Karachi was all set to be married on March, 29th. All the preparations had almost been completed until coronavirus managed to put a halt to every plan and thus, ruin so many hasratein and khwahishein, But instead of letting all of this mess with their plans, they still went ahead with the wedding – but in a different and unexpected way.

Source: Fatima Imam/ Facebook

The bride did her own makeup and wore her ‘jahez ka suit’… She looked extremely adorable

Since her wedding dress was still at the boutique, Fatima Imam took the matters in her own hands and dolled herself up in her ‘jahez ka suit’ and makeup. The venue of the wedding was their home, with homemade meals and ghar ki hi photography.

Source: Fatima Imam/

With the rest of the family attending the wedding through Zoom, the couple had a simple and a happy rukhsati.

The bride and groom were showered with blessings by all the attending (real and virtual) family members.

Source: Fatima Imam/

It was all followed by ‘post-rukhsati rasmein‘ and honestly, this is so cute 

The couple participated in all the possible rasmein that they could in a day, saving the rest for the next day.

Source: Fatima Imam/

Look at how radiant and happy they look together

Source: Fatima Imam/

The next day brought with it joota chupai and other rasmein.

Source: Fatima Imam/

These two have managed to give us massive couple goals even during this hard time. Props to them

While talking to MangoBaaz, Fatima told us that their life in quarantine is their very own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. For a long time, they’ve been living life at full speed, working on their careers and education. And then, everything came to a standstill only for them to realize that all they have is each other. Now, they have all the time in the world to strengthen their bond.

Source: Fatima Imam/

You can see the video of the wedding over here:


Well well, we here at MangoBaaz are sending our warmest wishes and heartiest congratulations to the beautiful couple. It is honestly so refreshing to see glimpses of such happy news during this time of crisis.

What do you think about this quarantine wedding? Does it give you any ideas for your previously postponed plans? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.


cover image via: Fatima Imam/ Facebook


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