Adnan Siddiqui And Aamir Liaquat Apologized For Aamir Bhai's Jokes About Irrfan Khan And Sridevi

By Anoosha Rehan | 2 May, 2020

Adnan Siddiqui and Aamir Liaquat have both had to apologize for the latter’s ill-thought-out jokes on Jeeway Pakistan.

2020 has certainly not been a predictable or an easy year. Along with the pandemic and the uncertainty brought by it, fans worldwide have also been grieving the deaths of two brilliant Bollywood actors that passed away after battling with cancer. Life goes on and everyone is trying their best to cope with it.

Amidst these tiring times, Pakistani Ramazan game shows can be good distractions for a little peace of mind. Nonetheless, they can be the absolute opposite, too. Recently, on a similar game show, Jeeeway Pakistan, hosted by Aamir Liaquat, the versatile actor Adnan Siddiqui made an appearance. However, a short clip from that show stormed the internet.

In the video, some jokes were directed at Adnan Siddiqui regarding the deaths of legendary Bollywood actors, Sridevi, and Irrfan Khan.

Adnan Siddiqui was caught off guard when Aamir Liaquat said that he had saved the lives of two Bollywood actresses he refused to do movies with; namely, Rani Mukherjee and Bipasha Basu.

The joke was further explained by telling Adnan Siddiqui how he worked with Sridevi in the movie ‘MOM’ and then she passed away. Later, he worked alongside Irrfan Khan in the movie ‘A Mighty Heart,’ and he passed away, too. Hence, refusing to work in Mardangi 2 and Jism 2 saved the lives of two Bollywood actors.

Adnan Siddiqui stated that this topic wasn’t a joke for him and that he was very close to both, Sridevi and Irrfan Khan.

The joke wasn’t received well by people and they were shocked by the comments made at the deceased. 

After the reactions, Adnan Siddiqui took it to Instagram and apologized for what went down in the game show.

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He wrote:

“So I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling right now or what to say. But this needs to go out –

I was invited to the live chat show ‘Jeewey Pakistan’ yesterday when this unfortunate incident happened.

The anchor Amir Liaquat Sahab joked about something extremely sensitive. Not only were they both close to me but also as a human, it was wrong on so many levels. I cannot even call it ‘hitting below the belt.’

It was an extremely callous act to joke about the deceased. This is in very bad taste, not only does it show him and me but also the entire country in a bad light.

I want to apologize to the families of Sridevi Sahiba and Irrfan Khan Sahab and their loved ones. If you see my body language I was extremely uncomfortable with what he said but I didn’t want to stoop to that level. I regret being on the show. I’ve learnt my lesson and I promise I will not tolerate such an act in the future. I was hoping this bit wouldn’t become public but unfortunately, it has.

I’m sorry.

Thank you. 🙏”

People instantly reacted to Adnan’s apology.

Source: @adnansid1 / Instagram
Source: @adnansid1 / Instagram
Source: @adnansid1 / Instagram
Source: @adnansid1 / Instagram

However, now, Aamir Liaquat has also offered an apology.

Stating that he realized the immensity of his mistake from the lens of humanity, Aamir Liaquat apologized. Furthermore, he stated that the one who offers an apology is the bigger person. He went on to state that he was apologetic about hurting his own people and would discuss it further on the show.

What do you think about this whole scenario and how do you feel about Adnan Siddiqui and Aamir Liaquat’s apologies? Let us know in the comments below!


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Cover image via: Jeeway Pakistan, Express TV/YouTube

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