This 17 Year Old In Bahawalpur Was Arrested For Raping And Murdering A School Teacher Because She Refused His Rishta

By Sana Yasmeen | 18 Sep, 2019

This teenager from Bahawalpur just showed what an animal he is

One of the most heinous criminal act is to rob somebody of their basic right to live… and even worse it is to snatch somebody out of their safe haven, make them a victim of personal lust and raging sexual urges and then put them to sleep for once and all.


A 17-year-old from Bahawalpur was arrested for kidnapping, raping and murdering a school teacher

On September 5th, Farwa Shakeel, a young school teacher, was snatched from her house by Muhammad Muavia and was forced to leave with him. The teenager forced Farwa to leave with him on his motorcycle.

Source: @Waqas1889 / Twitter

Farwah’s brother stated that the “kidnapper” had eyes for his sister for too long. Muhammad Shahzad, brother of the victim, stated that Muavia had eyes for Farwah and used to be a constant bother to her. He further said that had repeatedly told the teenager to stay away from his sister and to stop bothering her. Muavia, in turn, did not pay any heed to what Shahzad had to say and continued harassing and bothering Farwah constantly.


Muhammad Muavia’s ill intentions led him to kidnapping Farwah after she refused his advances

Muhammad Muavia took to his menacing action on September 5th, around 5 pm, while Farwah’s mother was in the house too, praying. Farwah’s brother, Shahzad, was not present in the house and Muavia took the opportunity of his absence and barged in their house and forced Farwa to leave with him.

source: us.123rf

Farwah’s screaming alerted the neighborhood. She pleaded to be saved and for help but Muhammad Muavia had already taken her away with him. The neighbors immediately informed Farwah’s brother who rushed to his house.


Farwa was allegedly taken all the way from Bahawalpur to Nowshera Jadeed

A rescue team found her assaulted and tortured body near a canal in Nowshera Jadeed. the dead body bore marks of inflicted torture and was immediately sent to Edhi Centre.

The pictures of the body were posted on social media which led to her family being able to reach her. The authorities at the Edhi center conducted a Post-mortem examination without the family’s knowledge.

On September 11th, Wednesday, the Authorities handed her body over to her parents who requested a second Post-mortem examination as they feared the first one might not have been completely legitimate.

Source: inc pak


An FIR has been registered against Muavia at Kotwali police station in Bahawalpur

An FIR was registered against Muavia for kidnapping  under Section 365B (kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel for marriage) of the Pakistan Penal Code. The police claimed that the “suspect” was friends with the victim and refused to give any more information regarding this matter.

The criminal, Muhammad Muavia, confessed to his crime on September 10th.

Source: incpak

In a society where a 17-year-old has the audacity to fearlessly snatch a woman from her own house and take her away to fulfill his inhumane desires, the question of whether women can ever feel secure arises. It is high time that we as a society start thinking about curtailing crimes against women by teaching boys to behave properly instead of putting more restrictions on the freedom of women.


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Cover image via: @Waqas1889 / Twitter

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