13 Straight Up Irritating Things Every Desi Husband Says To His Biwi

By Nai Dulhan | 30 Mar, 2018

A desi husband can be annoying AF

Marriage is a great institution. It has its pros and cons but come on, let’s be a little realistic – living with another person can be annoying at times.

And ladies, if you have a desi husband, you’re probably used to listening to these 13 lame and ghissay hue phrases that your very desi majazi khuda says every other minute.

Lets take a look at some of these. Oh and if you think it’s only husbands who say irritating things, you should check these irritating things that a desi biwi says to their desi husband.


1. “Tum itni behas kyun kerti ho?”

Wife: Imma wear this outfit to the wedding. Yay!

Desi husband: No, wear the other one.

Wife: Umm…those are my pajamas! How can I wear those?

Desi husband: Tum bus behas kiya kero..bus..aur koi kaam nai hai tumhay!

Inhale – exhale – inhale -exhale …. tere toh..$%&$

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2. “…Kyunke tumhara “shohar” keh raha hai”

The word “shohar” is used almost as a threat by a typical desi husband. Ummm….apparently it’s supposed to be intimidating.

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3. “Yehi ab tumhara ghar hai”

Surprise! Your parent’s house was never really your house. They only birthed you, educated you and raised you as a good human so you could live in this house that my parents own.

Right. Makes total sense.

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4. “Khana thanda hai”

Dear wife, It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve told me to come to the dinner table, before the food gets cold…if it’s cold, it’s your fault! Xoxo, your desi typical siyyan.

desi husband fittay mouh
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5. “Itnay nakhray kyun dekha rai hu”

You will spend the whole day cleaning, cooking and picking after your desi husband and kids, but if you refuse their request to host their chaddi buddies at 12:00 AM on a weekday – you’re showing nakhras.

RIP ehsaas

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6. “Aglay maheenay/saal le du ga”


  1. “I’m tired”
  2. “Abhi dil nai chah raha”
  3. “We need to save”
  4. “ATM se paisay nai nikalwai”
  5. “it’s not practical”

You’re a BUM! That’s the reason!

desi husband lanat
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7. “Career? Tumhara?”

“Why do you even want to work? Tumhe kya kami hai?”

I’m sorry; I forgot that my only aspiration in life was to make gol rotis.

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8. “Kuch khana hai?”

Your desi husband will spend thousands of rupees on food, but when it comes to gifting his desi wife… “paisay nai hain”… “cheezain bohat mehngi ho gai hain” … “iss maheenay thora budget out hai.”

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9. “Tum bohat laraki ho”

God forbid, if at any instance of your desi wife life, you decide to give your own two cents about something…..you become the most laraka aurat on earth. Chal eh!

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10. “Chai bana do/pani pila do”

A desi husband can’t let his wives relax…it hurts his eyes to see his wives taking a break. The moment you decide to sit down for two minutes….he will, 100% of the time, demand chai…or water.

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11. “Meethay mai kya hai?”

He will have the heartiest, heaviest meal and still ask for meetha. And if you refuse, you gotta deal with the long bootha for the rest of the evening.

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12. “By the way ghalti tumhari thee.”

Girls, no matter what you say, how much you cry, how much logic you bring into a conversation – ghalti tumhari thee. Period.

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13. “Yaar tumharay kharchay khatam nai hotay”

Him: get your eyebrows done – you look like a man.

Her: okay, I need money to go to the salon.

Him: Chalo Jee, aik toh tumharay kharchay khatam nai hotay.

okay then!

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Bonus Point: “Tum achi lag rahi ho”

Just kidding. Desi husbands will bite their own cheek before giving you any compliments.

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There you have it, ladies, I’m sure you must have heard one or more of these phrases from your desi husband. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve heard anything else that was as ridiculous as these.


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