11 Things Parents Say Before Their Kids Go to College

By Aam Nawab | 11 May, 2015

Parents are always overprotective of their kids, especially when their kids are off to college/university and will no longer be living at home.

1. Don’t get married. We’ll take care of that for you.

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2. Don’t get a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Source: Buzzfeed

3. Call us. Every day. Every single day. Don’t you love us?

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4. Call your extended family. Don’t be selfish. It only takes a few minutes (per member).

Source: Giphy

5. Don’t forget namaz.  Stay out of Shaytaan’s influence.

Source: Quick Meme

6. Don’t drink and party. We are paying for your education, not haram activities.

Source: Tumblr

7. Remember where you come from.

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8. Focus on your studies and nothing else. Becoming a doctor or engineer isn’t easy.

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9. Don’t waste money. Haram ka paisa naheen hai.

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10. Don’t bring shame on our family.

Source: Buzzfeed


but most importantly

11. Nothing’s more important than family.

Source: Blogspot


At the end of the day, our parents want what’s best for us and their love has no limits.

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