Some of the Worst People in Pakistan

By Ahsan Mirza | 9 May, 2015

Recently, we published an article about a few people that make us proud to be a Pakistani. Although there are several people who bring great joy and pride to Pakistan, there are others you wished never existed! There are several Pakistanis who force you to hide your faces every time their names are mentioned in a conversation. You either end up laughing at their existence, or feel aggrieved that they breathe the same air as you do.


Asif Ali Zardari aka Mr. Ten Percent

The man famous for selling blacked tickets to his father’s movie cinema, Asif ‘Ten Percent’ Zardari is a shrewd politician, businessman, former President of Pakistan and so much more.

Source: Imgflip

Altaf Hussain ‘Bhai’

Not technically IN Pakistan per se, but a Pakistani nonetheless, Altaf Bhai is an angry speaker, politician, author, entertainer, singer, actor, performer, oh and did I mention entertainer? He possesses a sad soul and often resigns from his position as the Quaid of one of Pakistan’s biggest political parties, only to come out and say ‘LOL JK boys!’ later in the day.

Source: Youtube

Aamir Liaquat Hussain

Source: AamirLiaquatFiles

Aamir Liaquat Hussain is a man of many talents; one of Pakistan’s most athletic TV show hosts, an entertainer, child-giver, Taher Shah hugger, multiple-degree holder, non-practicing doctor, former politician, fashion designer, and a renowned seasonal religious scholar. Loved by the masses and despised by ‘jealous’ Pakistanis, his two favorite questions are ‘Aam Khayega?’ and ‘Kaisa Diya?’


Sahir Lodhi (or Sahir Khan or Shahrukh Lodhi – take your pick)

Source: Pak101

Pakistan’s life-size model of Shahrukh Khan, Sahir Lodhi is an award-winning radio jockey and TV host, who once said that his best days, when he had a lot of money and drove a BMW 7-series, were a thing of the past. *facepalm* For all his talents *coughs viciously*, he has an immense critic following.



Source: Shashca

The notorious queen of controversies, Pakistani actress Irtiza Rubab aka Meera, is widely appreciated for her supreme English linguistic skills. She has crossed the border (and her limits) numerous times to make bold new films. If she finds out that she made it to this list, she may send multiple messages in the form of “Janu, please take aaf this post.” 


Waqar Zaka

Source: PakiUm

A daredevil, cobra-kisser, stuntman, failed politician and  patriot bar none, Waqar Zaka successfully hosted Pakistan’s first stunt show Living on the Edge – with a very original concept (LOL JK, he completely ripped the concept off MTV India’s Roadies). He has occasional bursts of wrath on the show and bashes anyone whose opinions differ from his. Needless to say, this biceps-flexing narcissist is universally hated by Pakistanis.


Salman Butt / Mohammad Asif

Source: London Evening Standard

Salman Butt – former Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team – and Mohammad Asif – a deadly swing bowler; two technically brilliant, but awfully greedy cheats who got trapped into an on-field spot-fixing scandal, and got sentenced to some quality time behind British bars. Mohammad Asif had a pretty romantic *ahem* friendship with Veena Malik too.

Special mentions:

Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed – creator of the efficiently useless water-kit for cars. Heavily endorsed and rewarded by then-President, Mr. Zardari.
Veena Malik – If Meera is the Queen of controversies, Veena Malik is probably the Princess. Her episode with ‘Ash-mit’ on the Indian reality show Bigg Boss was peculiarly interesting.
Mathira – Better known as Ms. Gooji Gooji (or Gooji Goo – whatevzzz) *cringes violently*
98% of the country’s politicians – Self-explanatory.
Pakistani Taliban – Need I say more?
Youtube Blockers! 
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