17 Reasons You Should Never Visit Chitral

By Ali Ahsan | 2 Sep, 2015

Just kidding – you should definitely visit Chitral!


The valley of Chitral in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is a combination of scenic beauty and cultural diversity. This year, Chitral was in the news due to the flooding issues. If you’re looking to find pictures of the flood and the destruction it’s caused, you’re in the wrong place. A place so stunning as Chitral shouldn’t be associated with images of flooding, so here’s a look at Chitral in it’s real form. 


1. Qaqlasht, a picnic point in Chitral

Source: Wikipedia


2. Tirich Mir Peak.

Tirich Mir overlooks Chitral town and can be seen from the main bazaar.

Source: Native Pakistan


3. Shahi Masjid

The mosque was built by the ul-Mulks during the 19th century. It’s pinkish coat and onion-like dome make it one of Pakistan’s most unique and distinctive mosques – the view of Tirich Mir in the back doesn’t hurt either.

Source: travelpod


4. Shahi Fort

Source: Saleem Shahid


5. Shandur Polo Ground

Known for being the highest polo ground, at 3,700 meters, Shandur has been hosting an annual polo tournament since 1936 in the first week of July.

Source: Native Pakistan


6. Shandur Polo Ground

Source: concordia-expeditions


7. Shandur Lake

Source: Paki Mag


8. Shandur Pass

Source: Ishtiaq Ahmed


9. Chitral Gol National Park

The park is one of Pakistan’s national parks and home to some of the rarest animals in Pakistan including the famous snow leopards. The path to the park is a bit risky but once you get there, you’ll know it was worth it.

Source: native pakistan


10. Chitral Gol National Park

Source: pakistan360degress


11. Kalasha Valleys

The Kalasha Valleys are valleys that are inhabited by the Kalash people  Kalash people, who have customs and language which are quite different from their neighbours, and historically have had a different religion.


Source: terichmirtravel.com


12.  Laspur Valley

Source: Pakwheels.com


13. Birir Valley

Source: Nadeem Khawar


14. Mastuj Valley

Source: Native Pakistan


15. Ayun Valley

Source: Arshad Ali


16. Garam Chasma

Garam Chasma is a village in Chitral and is renowned for its hot spring which attracts a significant amount of tourism.

Source: Rowan Castle


17. The people of Chitral

Source: Huffington Post


Source: outernationalist


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