These Indian School Girls Performing To PPP's Iconic ‘Dilan Teer Bija' Is A Crossover I Didn't Know I Needed

By Anoosha Rehan | 11 Jul, 2020

Even after several decades, the iconic PPP political anthem ‘Dilan Teer Bija’  is still loved not just by PPP’s fans, but also by people across the border. Just when we thought the song was forgotten, this dance in Hyderabad, India, has brought all the memories back.

Dilan Teer Bija is an iconic song that traces back to 1987.

Dilan Teer Bija, meaning ‘An Arrow To Your Heart,’ was released in 1987 by Pakistan Peoples Party when Benazir Bhutto was all set to take leadership. Ever since, this has not been just another anthem – but, a song close to everyone’s heart.

Girls from St. Joseph’s High School in Hyderabad, India, were seen performing on Dilan Teer Bija – the ever famous PPP political anthem.

The girls were seen performing to the song at their school event, as pointed out by a Twitter user.

Another celebration of the song in India was shared, following the performance of the girls.

This performance led to people reminiscing the good ol’ PPP times.

Other people confirmed how this song was special to people living in Hyderabad.

And well, you cannot take Bhutto out of the fans! 


You can watch the complete performance here:

Whether you support PPP or not, this song is loved by everyone alike. What do you think about the crossover? Let us know in the comments below!


So, Here’s The Truth About Rumors That The Iconic PPP Song Is Copied From A Bollywood Movie


Cover image via: / @TharProductionPak via YouTube

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