These Hilarious TikTok Brothers From Karachi Are So Weird Yet So Cute

By Noor | 1 May, 2019

So, we all know about TikTok fever which has engulfed the entire world and we also know how this certain app gets criticized by a majority for “ruining children”, right? BUT recently a duo of molvis has been getting a lot of attention on TikTok and I’m loving it.


Basically, this duo of brothers have been going crazy viral for a few weeks now because of their hilarious TikTok videos

Aamir Sheikh and Aarif Sheikh work in a jewelry manufacturing firm and recently a usual -made Tiktok video of them got all over the internet. Here’s one of those videos:


Both the brothers are residents of Karachi and are enjoying their TikTok generated popularity

They explained that while most people love their work still a few haters criticize their work by passing rude and hateful comments.



The brothers recently appeared in an interview with a news channel

They announced that they will continue making such videos for their fans and they are glad to know their TikTok videos make their fans happy. People are ‘impressed’ by their videos and appreciated their expressions and gestures in the TikTok videos.


They couldn’t figure out the motivation behind these brothers’ TikTok ‘career’


A few even criticized the work by the duo and went on to state that this is the reason that the country’s economy is suffering


However, others swiftly stepped in to defend these TikTokers 

They said that nobody has a right to judge anyone and everyone should focus on their own work instead of criticizing others for nothing.


It was also explained by many that a talent showcased by these people needed more appreciation


They also said that the haters should stop ruining a happy moment for the duo

Have you guys seen the TikTok videos made by these brothers? Did you like them? Let us know everything in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @aamir_shaikh1259/TikTok

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