The Tragic History Of Pakistani Television Morning Shows That Will Honestly Make You Cry

By Arslan Athar | 15 Mar, 2018

Pakistani TV morning shows have a very interesting past and it’s all led up to the place we’re at now- fake shaadis and weird AF modeling competitions. The natural question that flows from that is- how did we get here?


It all started in 2006 with the ‘Nadia Khan Show’ on Geo, by none other than Nadia Khan herself

Source: GEO TV

Nadia started the trend pretty well actually. The morning shows had amazing guests, literally all of Lollywood, and some people from Bollywood. A big part of why the show did so well was because of Nadia Khan herself, she has an amazing on-screen personality. She was innovative with the things she did on-screen, like birthdays and fun games with her guests.


Then stuff got REALLY weird

As other TV personalities started to catch on to the trend, the morning shows started springing up on almost every channel. It was as if they all started running out of topics.


The downfall truly began when they started doing ‘shaadis’ on the shows

Source: ARY Digital


Almost every yesteryear star was getting ‘married’ on these shows. Them and their spouses would sit through the while 3-to-5-day extravaganza in front of the entire nation. If you don’t remember this phase of Pakistani television, let me paint a pretty little picture for you. Old actresses and actors sitting around a dhol, singing, followed by dances on some rather ‘interesting’ gaanay. Each day of the ‘shaadi’ was grander and more shiny, glitzy and generally OTT than the last episode. You would think they would stop after one ‘marriage’ but NO, almost every married couple was featured, and not on just one channel- they all did the ENTIRE Pakistani channel circuits.


After this, Pakistani Morning Shows became less about who the guests were, or what they had to say, and became more about what designers they were wearing

Source: ARY Digital

Other than that, they literally just sit there and gossip away. Yes, morning shows are meant to be light-hearted, but come on! They’ve just gone too far. They’ve just been reduced to discussing clothes and having makeup competitions. Originally the shows had genuine conversations, and were actually pretty fun- they helped humanize a lot of the industry, but now they just seem really scripted. The realness of these shows has certainly died, and it seems like it’s only getting worse.

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