The Top SIX Secret Hidden Loci in Pakistan's North

By Shanzeh Jalali | 30 May, 2022

Who doesn’t love traveling? We sure do. 

But, Why Travel Up North In Pakistan?

Pakistan is said to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. As we all have heard ‘Pakistan jaisa koi aur mulk nahi’

Groups choose to go to the conventional spots that are cluttered with large crowds. This ultimately leads to an overall negative experience.


As avid travelers, we have compiled a list of places that most people seem to miss out on their long trip up north. 

To experience the true beauty of our magnificent northern mountains do give these hidden treasures a visit.

1. Habebal Baikh


First up on the list is a secluded spot on the way to Babusar top known as Habebal Baikh. This location is free of tourists, and is filled with; the heavenly beauty of several streams flowing down the mountain and upward on grassy plains. One could spend hours here admiring the beauty of nature here

2. Batakundi Village


Secondly, we have the small yet beautiful village of Batakundi. We would advise avoiding the expensive hotels and rowdy crowds of Naran. This place has fantastic hotels and amazing views of the mountain peaks hidden in the clouds.

3. Minapin Village


Number 3 on the list is Minapin village in Gilgit. Visit this place in the summers to witness the pinkest cherry blossoms. the locals are friendly, and they have amazing hotels.

4. Ratti Gali Lake


Fourth up is the Ratti Gali lake in Kashmir. Although do note that getting there is through a scenic beautiful trek on a horse that lasts two hours, once you reach your destination all we can say is the higher the climb the better the view. 

5. Patlian Lake


On number five we have the gorgeous Patlian lake in the Baboon valley situated in Neelam. This place is no short of heaven on earth, with vast grassy plains and in the middle a body of water so deep, you wish you could swim in it forever.

6. Deosai Plains


At number six we have the glorious Deosai plains also called the roof of the world. They are the second-highest plateaus on the globe. These grassy terraces are a sight to behold and often avoided by tourists due to the rough journey. Good news for you, reader, now a better road system is in place and Deosai is waiting for you.

Let us know your comfortable tourist place in the comments below.

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