“The Society” Is The Raunchy Teen Drama I'm Currently Obsessed With On Netflix, You Should Be Too

By Iman Zia | 21 May, 2019

Netflix’s ‘The Society’ is the new show everyone’s talking about.

‘The Society’ is definitely the hottest show on Netflix right now, and blares a thrilling story about a group of teenagers from a small town who are all mysteriously transported to an alternate universe!

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The first season of ‘The Society’ is all about teens who are forced to take on more adult roles in the ‘new world’, they’re in.

In this new parallel universe, all the adults have eerily disappeared – so its just teens who make their own rules.

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But the rules they’ve set for themselves get the best of them because well, they’re all sexually repressed teens who have no idea how to run a town.

No one knows what’s happened, and the only thing they can think of is that their parents probably got evacuated out of the town because of ‘the smell.’


The entire theme is very, very dark and painfully morbid when these teens are forced to create some sort of democracy – and naturally, there’s a power struggle.

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‘The Society’ brilliantly rings in important topics like gun control, mental health stigmas and gender bias through its plot.



But there are plenty of tender moments between the show’s characters – because, at the end of the day, they’re just kids.



The cast is HOT, so that’s a plus too – and there are like a dozen of them with their own solid storylines.

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And the show’s already raked in a MASSIVE fan following:






It’s not Riverdale – the creator of the show made that clear:

“Our philosophy was also that this is not Riverdale. It’s not like these kids are home and have a lot of time to investigate a given mystery. They’re in the middle of having to recreate an entire world, and surviving from one day to the next is their principal obligation. Their secondary obligation is to try to figure out what the hell is going on and to try to get home. They don’t have a lot of resources. They’re just kids in the middle of nowhere, so there are lots of things that are virtually unanswerable.”




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