The Rush At This Khaadi Sale In Islamabad Is Making People Ask, Boycott Ka Kiya Hua?

By Arslan Athar | 11 Jun, 2017

Ramazan is a month of many barkatein, however these barkats, it seems, are falling on everyone but the people at Khaadi. The past few weeks have been marred by a through and through PR tragedy for the brand.

For the past few weeks Khaadi has become the center of a controversy over labor issues in their factory, leading to a larger discussion over labor rights

Khaadi has been accused of mistreating it’s employees and going as far as to fire 32 workers, for trying to form unions within their factories.

Once this news spread to the Internet, it was all pretty much downhill for the brand. There were protests outside their main branches in Karachi and Lahore almost immediately.

Matters got worse as people chose to #BoycottKhaadi, which is extremely detrimental for them considering it is almost Eid season.


Khaadi, on the other hand, denied all accusations and branded the rumors as false and baseless only ‘meant to damage their reputation’. 

Source: @omer_quraishi / Twitter

Soon enough, Khaadi sat down with the workers and their unions and agreed to provide better working conditions and minimum wage for their factory employees.

Source: @Benazir_Shah / Twitter

This ‘agreement’ in itself was confusing, especially considering this whole situation was ‘false’ according to Khaadi.

However in recent developments, it seems as though Khaadi is denying its workers their rights (under the agreement they signed) by claiming that these employees work for their third party vendor ‘Texmark’ therefore do not fall under the ambit of the signed agreement.

Express Tribune suggests that this company is actually a front for the brand, and is, in fact, Khaadi trying to save face given the backlash over the labor mismanagement issue.


In the midst of all this madness, Khaadi had a sale in Islamabad

The Khaadi in Giga Mall (Islamabad) announced an opening sale, and people did not disappoint Khaadi. They turned up, really big.

Source: Khaadi

This was basically people’s reaction to the Khaadi sale. 

Oh wow, such boycott. 

The turnout was impressive, to say the least.

Yup, this sounds about right.

Nothing has really seemed to change.

However this person is asking the right question.


This Khaadi sale just goes to show how brand loyalty works with people, despite whatever controversies happen otherwise. It’s not just about Khaadi, most big brands that currently exist in Pakistan, whatever industry they are in, command the loyalty of their clients in such a way that issues around labor rights that do come up usually are swept under the carpet, rather swiftly. Then again, it’s also Eid season.


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