This New Challenge Is Daring People To Give Up Their Phones And Damn, That Sounds Extreme

By MangoBaaz Studio | 30 Nov, 2018

It’s 2018, and we’re all glued to our phones. I bet you’re even reading this article on one, haina? 

And we get it – life has become so fast paced and so much is happening at the same time. Our phones help us stay connected to everyone and everything that’s happening and lessens that much dreaded FOMO. But are we all really getting that true experience of living our best life on our phones? Debatable.

Nonetheless, if someone asks me to spend two hours, let alone a day without my phone, I. Will. Scream.

Source: Dharma Productions

I mean, how can you possibly go on for HOURS without refreshing your timelines??? Hamein tou soch ker hee separation anxiety hogayi hai.

But some people just want to watch the world burn and while they’re at it, they’ve also decided to take our phones away from us…

Source: TUC


You think this is a drill? We’re sure Ahsan Khan thought the same but here we are…

We all stan a total Instagram queen but this dethroning (even if for a day) is brutal…

But everyone bid farewell to their phones for day so they could connect with their real lives and have some fun off the screen.

And Munib Nawaz just made that one crucial call for the day, because hey, you can’t do that without your phone now, can you?

So, Ahmed Ali Butt also took a challenge and it boy that must’ve been hard for someone who keep not one but TWO phones…

And Ushna Shah had been wanting to do this since forever and this was her perfect getaway!

As for Sufia Anjum, this is her trip back to the 90s, screenless life! 

But honestly though, what is the iDisconnect Challege? 

It is an initiative by Innovative Digestive biscuits with the theme “disconnect to connect” so that you get a chance to experience a life out of your phone screens and get to live in the moment in the truest selves. How about we put our phones away, just for a little bit today, to breathe in some fresh air, enjoy a cup of chaaye with our amma and talk about sweet nothings?


This post has been sponsored by Innovative Biscuits.

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