The nation’s hunt for Super Hair ends with the new Sunsilk Super-Mix

By MangoBaaz Studio | 22 Jul, 2022

Sunsilk’s latest campaign is everything you would expect it to be; fun, engaging, and attention-grabbing! It is one that you can’t help but notice, and mention it to those around you. The brand is gearing up for the launch of the new Sunsilk Super-Mix which has the power of protein, oil, and vitamins that will be unveiled in an exciting new packaging. They came up with a brilliant marketing campaign that is creating conversation across the country.


The campaign took off with a national channel takeover. TV screens across the country began to glitch and lose their signals. This static disruption was followed up with a simple question. “Want Super Hair?” and a spark. This was the first step to get people’s attention and create curiosity. It came as a shock to no one about how Sunsilk managed to achieve those goals, with everyone eager to know what was going on. 


Up next were bright, sparkly billboards that were put up in prominent locations of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. People spotted sparks on giant screens in prime locations of  their cities that went on to ask them, “Do you want super hair?” The projection at Boat Basin, a popular and incredibly frequented location of the city, became a major talking point amongst the citizens of Karachi and created quite a buzz around it. It was truly a one-of -a-kind experience.


With the conversation still rolling, the brand took the digital route. This was executed by getting key influencers on board who began talking about their hair problems but were soon interrupted by a glitch, followed by the same question. “Want super hair?” It didn’t stop there. Taking things a step further, the influencers’ profile pictures changed to a spark which led to curiosity and debate among their followers. The mystery element around the campaign really worked wonders for the success of the launch.


Finally, the answer to all of the above mysterious events was revealed to be the new Sunsilk Super-mix that gives you super hair. It’s truly commendable how Sunsilk managed to create and complete a campaign that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Now that it has been revealed, we suggest you to get your hands on the new Sunsilk and get #SuperHairWithSuperMix.



This post is sponsored by Sunsilk!

Cover Image via Sunsilk

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