The Model Accused Of Having An Affair With Mohsin Abbas Haider Has Come Out With A Statement

By UA | 22 Jul, 2019

Actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider has been on the receiving end of a lot of backlash on social media owing to the serious allegations of domestic violence levied against him by his wife.  Fatema Sohail not only shared a detailed account of multiple incidents over the course of many years but even gave visual proof of the bruises. Many celebrities took to their social media to show their support for his wife and openly called him out.

Among the several allegations made by his wife, one of them was an account of him cheating on her.

She stated that it all began when she caught him cheating and decided to confront him, all while she was pregnant with his child.


The internet’s response to these claims was primarily rooted in an atmosphere of support, and many celebrities also spoke out in Fatema’s support.

In a recent post, the model who Fatema accused of cheating with her husband took to Instagram to respond to the allegations.

The model, Nazish Jahangir, was widely being accused of being a ‘homewrecker’ and being contributive to the destruction of Fatema’s marriage.

Nazish Jahangir posted her take on the situation in an Instagram post, stating that whatever the truth is will eventually come out. She expressed that she did not deserve to be accused of being a homewrecker and that the public should use ‘their senses’ because Fatema could have shared proof of the affair as she did for her abuse. She claims that she and Mohsin were in 2 different cities on the night that she is accusing them of being together, and that the allegations have taken a toll on her mental health. She also accepts that Fatema is undoubtedly a victim of domestic violence, but dragging her into all of this was unfair.

Nazish also told her followers that Fatema spoke to her every night, and confided in her even during her pregnancy.

She expressed that it was not comprehensible why she would talk to her so much if she did believe that her husband was having an affair with Nazish and that she could raise a lot of questions in her own defense but she would choose to remain silent because it disturbs her. She ended her post saying that both Mohsin and Fatema were really good friends to her and that she could not wrap her head around why Fatema would choose to accuse her. She also stated that she never could have imagined that this would happen.

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The whole situation with Mohsin Abbas Haider has been incredibly disturbing, and of course, we can all unanimously agree that domestic abuse is never okay. Nazish’s statement is yet to be addressed by Fatema. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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