The Interviewer Who TikTok Star Alishbah Anjum Called A “Third Class Reporter” Just Responded

By Noomyalay Khan | 10 May, 2020

The interviewer who TikTok star Alishbah Anjum dragged has now clapped back with her version

A few days back, Pakistani Tiktok star Alishbah Anjum called out an interviewer for disrespecting and ignoring her. The interviewer has now spoken out on Instagram, posting a video, and sharing her side of the story.


Alishbah Anjum has a massive following on TikTok and she recently called out a reporter for being disrespectful to her during an interview

The pair have a following of over 10 million together and are frequently interviewed by the news. One such interview was done by Reporter Maira Butt for a YouTube channel. Soon after the interview was taken, Alishbah took to her Instagram stories, talking about how she was begged for the interview, and then disrespected in her own home.

source: @alishbahannjum/Instagram


In response to that, Reporter Maira Butt posted a video reply where she tells her side of the whole story

In this video posted today, she starts by saying that she never thought she would ever make a video like this but now it is time she addresses false allegations made by a Tiktok star against her.


The allegations made were that the reporter begged for an interview and when Alishbah agreed, the reporter didn’t even bother saying salam to her when they met at her house

Maira breaks down the allegation by swearing that she didn’t even know or recognize Alishbah. She had actually gone to Faisalabad for another project where her team lined up an interview with Jannat Mirza, sister of Alishbah. She had not begged anyone for an interview, and she had to actually prepare and do her homework before interviewing Jannat.


The interviewer addresses the second allegation that she did not greet Alishbah. She says that she allegedly actually met the whole family, talked to everyone, and sat with them before shooting for the interview.

When the interview started, they planned on making a TikTok with Jannat, where Maira would come inside singing a song. When she came in, Alishbah was allegedly already standing there, which made the reporter awkward.

After giving introductions, Alishbah allegedly sat in the interview with Jannat by herself uninvited which made the situation more awkward, but the reporter tried her best to include her in the interview too by asking her alternate questions.


Maira asserts that she had no idea who Alishbah is and not everyone in the world is supposed to know her

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According to Maira, Alishbah was completely normal until then after which things changed

The interviewer then recorded a segment in which she and Jannat went for a drive where she also continued the interview. When they came back after the drive, Jannat and Alishbah’s mother told her that Alishbah was upset that she was not asked to come on the drive. She found this very weird that she had gotten upset over this.

She goes on to say that she apologized and offered to shoot some more with her. When this happened, Alishbah refused that she had not said anything to her mother. After this, Jannat herself stepped in and told Alishbah that no, she was wrong and her parents had indeed said that. They shot some more questions with her and everything ended on a happy note.


Soon after the video was posted, Alishbah came out with those allegations against her, calling her a “third-class reporter”. She repeats herself that she did not beg anyone, she did not disrespect anyone, and Alishbah should keep in her mind that the whole world is not supposed to know her or follow her on TikTok.

Maira says her tarbiyat is not the same, to call anyone “third-class” or anything like that. She is not forcing anyone to believe her and only addressed the rumors once her family asked her to.

She ends the video by asking viewers to refrain from placing false accusations, if they don’t know the whole story.


You can watch the whole video here and decide for yourself.

Let us know what you think about all this!


TikTok Star Alishbah Anjum Just Called Out This Interviewer For Disrespecting And Ignoring Her


Featured image source: @alishbahannjum via Instagram

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