This New Podcast, The Hidden Djinn, Is The Kind Of Scary Bedtime Story That You Need RIGHT NOW

By Maliha Khan | 19 Sep, 2020

‘The Hidden Djinn’ is a new podcast, hosted by Rabia Chaudry, and produced by iHeartMedia and Grim & Mild. Rabia Chaudry is an Attorney, Advocate, NYT Best Selling Author, and host/producers of other podcasts like ‘Undisclosed Podcast’ and ‘The 45th Podcast.’ She’s not new to the Podcast world, but ‘The Hidden Djinn’ is Rabia’s passion project and an entirely new take on the history behind the supernatural world.

Source: Rabia Chaudry

“‘The Hidden Djinn’ is a show about the history, folklore, and tales about an entire race of supernatural creatures called the djinn that billions of people have believed in, and experienced throughout history and across the world.”

MangoBaaz got the opportunity to speak to Rabia about the podcast and her answers to the questions did not disappoint. Rabia was asked to describe the show using three words and she chose “Rich, spooky storytelling.”

Without giving too much away from the first episode – which can be heard on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and other platforms – the podcast has this eerie, slightly cold and dark feeling to it, and it helps to set up each episode in the most perfect way possible.

From the host herself, she believes the stories she will be sharing on the podcast are as compelling to share as are ghost stories around a campfire. Because, who doesn’t love horror, suspense, the supernatural, being spooked, and a weird draw to being frightened (honestly the trailer of the podcast was enough to give me goosebumps.

In the trailer introduction of the podcast, Rabia shares that djinns have been a part of our world, living right beside us since the dawn of time.

Even though djinns have been compared to humans on many different accounts, this podcast will explore centuries of tales, traditions, and beliefs of djinns. Rabia will take listeners on a journey that many are not aware of and others are terrified of. Nonetheless, listeners will get to hear all about the ancient and modern stories of the djinn and their smokeless flame souls.

Source: Rabia Chaudry

Rabia was asked about the inspiration behind ‘The Hidden Djinn,’ and how she got started in the space.

The podcast was inspired by the already famous podcasts, “Lore” and “Spooked.” While the premise of these podcasts is different from TheHiddenDjinn, Rabia wanted to tell her own stories in a fun and creative way after a producer from the show “Lore” reached out and asked Rabia if she wanted to create a show about eastern supernatural beliefs.

Being a Muslim, Rabia believes strongly in the supernatural world. She states that even though she has never seen God or angels, she believes in their existence. In a very similar way, she believes in the existence of djinns.

Source: Rabia Chaudry

Listeners can prepare to hear more about the history of djinns in the upcoming episodes.

The trailer and the first two episodes are already out and I can assure you they do not disappoint, but if you still aren’t convinced that this is the podcast for you, then the upcoming episodes will include the following topics: djinn origins, where they live, their relationship to humans, how to summon them, how to get rid of them, how belief in them intersects with mental health, and how some abuse this belief and take advantage of believers.

The Pakistani community is so proud to see someone bringing the richness of the culture to the forefront and sharing our stories that have been told for centuries.

Aside from ‘The Hidden Djinn’ podcast, Rabia Chaudry also has other projects very close to her heart that are worth checking out.

Rabia’s podcast “Undisclosed” is a podcast she started over five years ago. She has been able to give the stories of 22 different cases, has been able to free 9 innocent defendants, has been able to stop two executions, and has been able to find new evidence in each case along with two other attorneys.

The podcast is awarded the biggest criminal justice show globally and has over 355 million downloads. She is also the attorney behind the Adnan Syed case and she has been trying to free him from jail for the past 20 years. This case story has been shared on the podcast “Serial” and it is definitely worth checking out as well.

Source: Rabia Chaudry

Check out TheHiddenDjinn on your favorite podcast-streaming platform!


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Cover image via Rabia Chaudry

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