The Government Of Pakistan Just Tried To Promote Yoga In Pakistan But People Are Calling It An Indian Saazish

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 Jun, 2019

I can’t believe the government is officially promoting yoga in Pakistan.

Apparently June 21st is International Day Of Yoga. And while yoga is immensely popular in our neighboring country, with scores of Indians from all social classes partaking in it; it is mostly a hobby for the educated classes in Pakistan. But seeing as the practice developed in the subcontinent centuries ago, it’s only natural that Pakistanis also practice it seeing as we’re from the same region.


So Pakistani Government just promoted the benefits of yoga

And maybe the benefits of this exercise given its history and origination in the region are what the government thought of when they decided to promote yoga on their social media for International Day Of Yoga.


But of course, people were not at all happy


and reminded the government that they already did yoga with Namaz.


Some people believed this promotional campaign was an Indian saazish


And of course, to further solidify the above mentioned conspiracy, along came the Indians to share a few thoughts of their own


The entire situation really wasn’t helped by the fact that in a what appears to be a now-deleted tweet the Government used a hashtag for Yoga Day which had an accompanying illustration of the Indian flag with it



But of course, there were some level headed individuals who appreciated what the government was actually trying to do; promote health and fitness.

Honestly, the entire situation is not as dramatic as people are making it out to be. A tweet about yoga does not mean that the Pakistani government has been influenced by India. They just want Pakistanis to be fit and honestly, we need it.

What do you think about yoga given more importance in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.


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