Here's Where To Watch The Incredible Meteor Shower Tonight Because The Sky Will Be Lit, Literally

By Kashaf | 13 Dec, 2017

Star-gazers all over the world are getting excited to view the Geminid meteor shower that is going to happen tonight. The shower will be visible in every country in the world – so all you Pakistani’s get to go out tonight and marvel at the sky.


The shower will reach its peak tonight, December 13th, and go on until early morning Thursday. If the clouds and pollution do not spoil it (fingers crossed), NASA has explained that “Spectators of the Geminid meteor shower can expect to see up to 120 meteors per hour shoot across the night sky.”

How AMAZING is that?


Oh also, this meteor shower is extra special.

While most meteor showers are caused by comets, the Geminids are linked with an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon. This means that an asteroid will be the base of the meteor shower and will bestow an extraordinary source of dust grains that will burn up and plunge into Earth’s atmosphere.


Some researchers are even calling Phaethon a “rock comet.”

The meteor shower was named after the constellation Gemini as numerous meteors have come from the constellation. So all you Gemini’s out there definitely need to go watch this stellar shower.


To watch the meteor shower, star-gazers should go to an open space and watch the sky – telescopes or binoculars are not required to catch the celestial show. It is predicted that the shower will start at 10 pm PST and peak at 2 am PST.

Source: NBC studios

Even Facebook is letting everyone know about the meteor shower, bringing the world closer together.


Even though tomorrow is a working day, that extra cup of chai will totally be worth it tomorrow morning after you catch the dazzling stars.


So get together with your friends and family and don’t miss out on the Geminid meteor shower tonight!


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