The Entire Pakistani Cabinet Welcomed PM Imran Khan At The Airport And It's Kinda Hilarious

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 Jul, 2019

The cabinet waiting for Imran Khan’s arrival is every desi family ever.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is back in Pakistan after his trip to the United States where he met with American President Donald Trump and others. The trip is being lauded as a success by many and a lot of people are proud of how well they think Imran Khan represented the country.

Consequently, everyone was eagerly awaiting Imran Khan’s return to Pakistan. But it seems like those who were most eager are those in his own cabinet.

A video of Imran Khan’s closest aides and members of his cabinet forming a line to wait for the Prime Minister’s arrival has gone viral.

And people have vastly different views on the matter, as is to be expected. While some are laughing and find it somewhat hilarious…

…others were a little more blunt about their thoughts.

People thought it was a bit much that so many high-profile party leaders stood there waiting for Imran Khan. It wasn’t his first official trip to another country – he’s had quite a few since he was sworn into his office.

But apart from PTI leaders welcoming Imran Khan back, there were scores of Pakistani citizens waiting to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader as he made his way back to his residence.

Imran Khan even gave a speech upon his return at the airport and people could not have been more proud. And as today marks a year of ‘Naya Pakistan’, fans of the Prime Minister and supporters of his party seem to be in quite a celebratory mood.

Maybe that is why the entire Pakistani cabinet was waiting for the Prime Minister at the airport? Because today marks an important occasion for the party. What do you think about the entire cabinet waiting for Imran Khan’s return? Let us know in the comments below.


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