The Biggest Mosque In Turkey Just Opened It's Doors To The Public And No, It’s Not The Blue Mosque

By Biya Haq | 7 May, 2019

Wow, just wow.

After six years of construction, Turkey’s biggest Mosque has opened its doors to the public.

Source: Turkey Homes

With many believing that the Blue Mosque in Istanbul to be the biggest, The Camlica Mosque Complex in Istanbul can house up to 63,000 worshippers. The task of inaugurating the Mosque was led by the Turkish president, Recap Tayyip Erdogan last week and according to Forbes, the construction and all were valued at 4.7 billion dollars.

Of course, it is quite easy to see that the building was worth every penny.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Because it is so obviously absolutely beautiful.

The Camlica Mosque consists of eight art studios, a conference hall, a library, an art gallery and a museum. This Mosque is clearly not only a place of worship but a place of cultural significance and utility for the people of Istanbul.

Source: Pacific Standard

The Mosque also has six minarets, as well as great detailing such as 16 inscribed names of Allah to represent the 16 states founded by the Turks. Oh and don’t forget about the indoor parking for up to over 3,000 cars and a central dome towering at over 230 feet, for the 72 ethnic communities in Istanbul.

Source: Pro Pakistani

As you can see the Mosque acts as a home for prayer however with the other amenities provided, it seems that this Mosque is a home for the many people residing in Istanbul. A place for them to gather, for art and to celebrate all the rich culture, heritage and history that Turkey wears in its veins and offers to the rest of the world.

Source: Pacific Standard

And now that it is open to the public, we can’t think of a better and holier time for Muslims to come together in the month of Ramazan to offer thanks and their prayers.

Source: Anadolu Agency

Have you seen the Mosque? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Love you.

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