The 7 Ways I Found Out I Have ADHD, And You Might Too

By Shanzeh Jalali | 13 Apr, 2022

Paying attention has never been my thing, and that is how I got to know I have ADHD. 


I used to be sitting in class and would be making scenarios I’d rather be in. I’m not proclaiming I was a bad student but I wasn’t the most academically strong either. Sitting in one place would be the hardest part of the day, harder than telling my brain to study. 

What exactly is ADHD? 

ADHD aka attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a term used for neurodivergent people. Although ADHD cannot be defined in a nutshell, we can simply put it as lacking attention even though it is more than that.

I want to help other people who might have ADHD (while still trying to figure it out myself)


Here are 7 ways you can conclude if you have ADHD. 



Imagine you’re in the middle of a conversation and a squirrel walks by. A neurotypical person would continue the conversation as if nothing happened, on the other hand, the person with ADHD will divert all their attention to the squirrel. 



Have you ever caught yourself midst a task thinking about things you don’t ever think about during the day? Congratulations, you might have ADHD. 



The things you do is a projection of your brain. Humans with ADHD tend to have a lot of thoughts happening at the same time, it is hard for them to stay in one place. This leads to unorganized work and workspace. You’re not messy, you just have ADHD. 



Been keeping things in one place and not remembering where you kept them? A big indication of having ADHD. 



Advancing Care in the Hudson Valley

Delaying tasks till the last moment only to do them at the 11th hour. A neurodivergent brain works very well under pressure but that does not mean you take it for granted. 



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Going overboard for short-term obsessions is rather a normal thing for people with ADHD. For example, they could be in love with a song and a week later will not even look at it. 



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Trust me on this, do not get on the nerves of someone who has ADHD. They will verbally (possibly physically) annihilate you. 


These are some of the symptoms interconnected with ADHD. In the end, if you think you have ADHD do visit a professional healthcare worker for analysis. Let us know what symptoms you have in the comments below!

cover image: JSTOR DAILY

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