This Is Why 2022 Will Be Recorded In Pakistan’s History

By Shanzeh Jalali | 12 Apr, 2022

Safe to say there have been tremendous amounts of things that have happened that will make  2022 a part of the syllabus very soon. 

Pakistan has been seeing highs and lows this year and it’s only been April

Witnessing history being made right in front of your eyes is never easy. There is nothing one can expect.


Recently, our former president dissolved the constitution, our former prime minister lost his seat due to a no-confidence vote, and Amir Liaquat once again switched sides (but that’s not something new).

Twitter: @AamirLiaquat

Netizens took this to TikTok and Twitter to express their thoughts

They were satisfied because they won’t be the ones to write a 14 marks answer on how the politics of Pakistan changed overnight. 

While some liked the changed and wanted PDM to win, others were not so happy about the fact that Khan was voted out of the Supreme Court; given that he was elected by the people.

 Pakistanis were waiting for Kaptaan Imran and his last ball


On the 10th of April 2022, a non-confidence motion was accepted, for the first time, in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. At 11 pm a meeting was called and within minutes the declaration was passed. Making the situation a little light for all of us; Twitter was flooding with people having a LOT to say about what has been going on. 

Now we desperately want to know ‘Kia ab hum ghabrana shuru kardain?

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