The 13 Stages Of Every Post-Iftar Food Coma

By Arslan Athar | 7 Jun, 2017

Woh hui Maghrib ki azaan, and down goes all the food that was made for iftar. You eat and eat, then suddenly realize that you also need to pray maghrib, pray and then eat some more. Its a proper feast. But what follows the feast brings you down so hard- yup the infamous post-iftaar food coma.


1. You will convince yourself that you can eat anymore.

You’re in no mood to stop eating, but your stomach is pleading you to stop.

Source: Deenga

2. You quickly realize that all that limo-paani and pakoray wasn’t a good idea. 

But banda kya karay, you’re hungry and thirsty. #MuslimProblems

Source: Deenga

3. Namaz becomes a bit of a struggle. 

Rukou and Sajdas aren’t as easy anymore on a full stomach.

Source: Deenga

4. Any movement in general is difficult.

You can literally feel all the iftar food inside you move around, from side to side.

Source: Deenga

5. To chai or not to chai

Let’s be real, you most likely will have that cup of chai. Also, the cup of chai after a long day is so so necessary.

Source: Tenor

6. All you want to do is just sit in one place.

The same before and after iftar, all you want to do is lay down.

Source: Deenga

7. Internally you know you can still down 2 more pakoray at least.

But the problem is that its out of your reach and you’re in no condition to move.

Source: Deenga

8. You try really hard to stay in the conversation happening around you.

Lekin banda kya karay, your eyes just keep shutting.

Source: Deenga

9. The moment you feel a little better, your mind instantly goes to food. 

Hmmm Foooooooooood.

Source: IRK Productions

10. You’re terrified at the thought of dinner being served.

Source: Zayn Malik VEVO

11. There’s no getting away with an empty plate at a desi household. 

The stuffing continues. The food coma grows.

Source: Deenga

12. So, the food come only gets worse. 

You’ve never felt this full, or close to exploding before in your life.

Source: Deenga

13. At this point in the night, you’re begging for some green tea.

And also for some forgiveness from God. Food comas are pretty bad.

Source: ARY Films


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