11 Text Messages That Could Have Changed The Whole Story Of These Pakistani Dramas If Only They Were Sent On Time

By Sarah Babar | 21 Mar, 2018

These Pakistani dramas could’ve been way different if text messages were used

Have you ever thought that some Pakistani dramas stretched on for waaaay too long? That a seemingly easy plot line was dragged over a whole bunch of episodes where we were made to sit through the whole thing to wait for the end? Well, so have we. And we thought, hey, what would happen if our main characters just sent a simple message to their significant others or unrequited lovers, to make things easier? So that’s what we did.

Here are just a few dramas that would have been muuuch simpler if these messages would have been sent on time:



1. One of the first Pakistani dramas that could’ve altered completely with a text message is Humsafar

Humsafar” could actually have ended so much earlier if only Khirad and Asher shared a few texts between the two of them



2. And Kashaf would have known how Zarun felt, if only he bothered to tell her, in “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”



3. Mannu, the genius, could have come clean about her feelings for Salahuddin, in “Mann Mayal”, and have avoided the whole poisoning story altogether, would have saved them so much time and hospital bills… but of course, these are Pakistani dramas



4. And also have cleared the air about the whole Jeena issue




5. Pakistani dramas wouldn’t be anything without drama but wonder if Asfi and Zubia could have had a class A romantic love story which would have been far less complicated and a lot sweeter



6.  In “Diyar-e-Dil” Wali and Faraah might have ended up together much earlier if Faraah had just SAID how she felt




7۔  With “Behadd”,  if only Jo told Mo to check out the CCTV earlier, maybe they could have also confronted Maha together and gotten married muuchhh earlier and be a change for Pakistani dramas



8. Well whoooops ~ but honestly, had Saba only TOLD



9. In “Dil Lagi”, instead of following her around and being creepy, he could’ve maybe just asked her out? Like normal people instead of Pakistani dramas?




10. And then instead of leaving the house and writing Mohid a letter, what if Anmol just messaged him and told him how she felt?




11. And lastly another one of Pakistani dramas that could have changed would be  when in “Tanhaiyaan” if Zain only TOLD Zara how he actually felt about her and talked her out of getting engaged to Saad Salman, they could have saved Zara a whole truckload of heartbreak


We have also sat down, screaming at the characters to move their bums and actually do something about their situations, which wouldn’t have been that bad in the first place.  Well, we think everyone knows that Pakistani dramas will not be changing any time soon, and all we can do is sit at home, watch them, and marvel of some of the plots in the shows.

But we can still wonder if their stories could really be different if the characters had just sent these messages. Hope you at least had a chuckle at these! Okay byeeee ~


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