Telegram & Signal Just Became Top Downloaded Apps After WhatsApp Privacy Policy Scandal

By Noor | 13 Jan, 2021

Telegram and Signal are gaining in on WhatsApp

We all know about the WhatsApp privacy policy saga, right? The recent ‘drastic’ change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp has compelled many people to look for other available alternatives and it seems that now, WhatsApp has finally got strong competitors.


The new policy of WhatsApp left people in shock by announcing that it will not allow them to opt out of sharing data of its users with its parent company, Facebook

People aren’t happy with this change because previously there was an opportunity for users to opt out of sharing data. Given Facebook’s recent troubles with data privacy of many users, ever since the Cambridge-Analytica scandal unraveled a series of continuous problems for the tech giant, people have been vary of sharing private data with the company.



The news was followed by some savage trolling on several social media platforms after people assumed that the new policy has given WhatsApp the opportunity to monitor their personal messages


The intense trolling was addressed by WhatsApp which issued an official statement to explain that this update only includes changes related to messaging a business on WhatsApp

It was further clarified that personal messages sent to friends and family will NOT be monitored and the new policy change does NOT cover it.


The new argument by WhatsApp wasn’t bought by the general awaam who could not stop trolling WhatsApp for their explanation

A few even expressed their concerns regarding the ‘quality’ of the privacy provided by WhatsApp.


As a result of the privacy concerns, a large number of people have switched over to apps like Telegram and Signal

It has been confirmed that the downloads of the encrypted apps Telegram and Signal have exponentially increased all over the globe. Both the apps are now one of the top downloaded apps from the Google and Apple stores.

Telegram has surpassed 500 million active users, with a 91% increase in downloads recently and Signal had a massive download increase of 4200%, according to reports.

The two apps claim to offer better encryption of data and security in terms of who the user data is shared with.


Right now Telegram stands at the number one most downloaded app spot while Signal occupies the second highest position the Google Play store, in Pakistan

Source: Google Play Store

What remains to be seen is if this surge in the popularity of these WhatsApp alternatives sustains or if it’s just a temporary bump based on the ongoing rumors and scandal around WhatsApp’s privacy policy. With WhatsApp being ubiquitous in most of the world and many already being familiar with its usage, there are doubts if the switch away from it will remain for long however only time will tell.

Are you planning to switch over to Telegram or Signal or you will continue using WhatsApp? Have you already ditched WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments below.



Cover image: Google App Store

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