Desis Are Pissed Off That Anushka Sharma Stood With The Indian Cricket Team For An Official Photo

By Iman Zia | 8 Aug, 2018

Anushka Sharma is in hot waters. The actress has been very supportive of her husband’s stint in the Indian cricket team, always present at his matches be it on home turf or abroad – the two were recently in the U.K. together for a break, spending time with other members of the cricket team. However, the actress has landed herself in the kernel of controversy after a recent photo has gone viral. She is seen standing with the Indian cricket team for the official photo at The High Commission Of India in London, along with hubby Virat Kohli – and it’s got people really pissed.


The official Twitter account of Team India posted a picture of the team standing together for a photo, with Anushka at the front along with Virat

The photo has gone viral, but unfortunately not for the right reasons. Indians and Pakistanis have condemned the picture, stating that the Bollywood actress should not have been present.


Indians commented on the tweet, criticising such a frivolous decision



While some shrugged it off as a joke, not taking it to heart.


Polls ran waves on Twitter, with various Indian publications asking users how they felt about Anushka standing with the cricket team during such a prestigious moment.


Others were upset that the vice-captain of the team was standing in the last row for the photo, while Anushka was at the front






Many did not appreciate the tweet for hashtagging Anushka Sharma




What do you think? Should the actress have stood with the cricket team?


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