This Innocent Teacher Was Tricked Into Calling Mia Khalifa And It's Hilarious

By Ather Ahmed | 1 Aug, 2017

School can be hard for some people. It can be really difficult to fit in with all the others. You get picked on for being a bit different. People call you all sorts of names. Some of them not so flattering. They ignore you at times leaving you in complete isolation. Worst part is people prank you in the most silliest manner. At times you don’t even understand if you’ve been pranked at all. All you see is people laughing at you.

Oh in case you didn’t guessed already, I was talking about the teachers:


This teacher was on the receiving a hilarious prank

Via Facebook

Seems like an upstanding guy who’s just trying to do his job. I mean just look at him. It’s the face of a man who’s trying his best in turning good for nothing kids into respectful adults.

But it appears that he hasn’t achieved much success in this mission of his. The guy’s students are miles afar from turning into respectful adults.


So basically the students added a certain someone’s name in the attendance register

Via Facebook


For those of you who don’t know who Mia Khalifa is, here’s a picture of her



Still doesn’t ring any bells?


Well she’s a famous social media celebrity who frequently does promotions for different brands on avenues such as Instagram. You may have also seen her in various memes every now and then. Also she had a brief career as pornographic actress. Haan haramiyon, ab toh pehchaan liya ho ga?


Anyway, back to the bechara teacher who doesn’t even realize what just happened

Posted by OOY Baaz aa ja Videos on Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

Either the guy doesn’t know who Mia Khalifa is or he’s just pretending to be aloof so that no one would question his character. There could also be a possibility that a student of his is named Mia Khalifa. Or better yet is The Mia Khalifa. Guess we’ll never know.

If you have ever pulled a prank on your teacher please share in the comments.


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