Surf Excel Is On The Field And This Time, It's All About The Dives

By MangoBaaz Studio | 12 Jun, 2021

Cricket season is back with a bang and while everyone is hyped up about who will win the championship, some eyes are on another kind of trophy – the Daaghon ka Champion Trophy. The Daaghon ka Champion trophy has been introduced for the first time by Surf Excel Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to encourage agility in the field. This trophy will be awarded to the player who makes the most fearless dives this season and manages to get the most stains on his cricket gear. 

Cricket is the nation’s favourite sport and cricket fans are always either backing up their favourite players or bashing them for not being active enough. While the real championship trophy is the title everybody is after, Surf Excel also wants to ensure players are active at all times. Whether it’s to dive for a catch, dive to make a run, or dive behind the wicket, every dive by a player will count for the Daaghon Ka Champion trophy. In the end, it is the effort that counts! Plus we never know which dive may result in a cheer of “How’s Zat?!” 

Surf Excel recently aired an ad with the top 3 Pakistani cricketers; Faheem Ashraf, Shadab Khan, and Mohammad Rizwan who can be seen diving together. The players dive even after catching the ball, signifying that they’re also competing for another trophy, for which a score is only counted when a player dives and gets some ‘daagh’ over themselves. The ad leaves us with the visual of a shining, gold trophy and the curiosity as to who will take this home. 

While the cricket season is already exciting, the new addition of the Daaghon Ka Champion trophy allows fans to be a part of the action. Fans around the country began to share how they’re practicing for dives through humorous workout sessions. In active gear, influencers around Pakistan were using whatever they could find at home to prepare themselves to dive and donate that dive to their favourite players. Content creators were seen using water bottles, furniture, and even their pets and kids as weights! Families got involved, with mothers and children jumping on sofas or trampolines and doubled the fun, bringing exciting content to the screens. The champion of the trophy will take home a cash reward of Rs. 500,000 and donated drives will be added to player scores, so fans can contribute to making their favourite player win by posting their efforts on social media and specifying the player they’re donating the dive to. 

The competition is on! Adding a new element that drives energy in this cricket season is something to look forward to. We can’t wait to watch how the players will participate and who in the end will be the one who takes home the ultimate Daaghon Ka Champion trophy. Look out for the most stains on players on the field to make your guesses! 


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Cover image via Surf Excel

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