Suhail Warraich Is On A Vacation To Africa Right Now And Literally Everyone's Making The Same Joke

By Mehwish A. W. | 23 Apr, 2019

Suhail Warraich, the famed journalist, is well-known for his program Aik Din Geo Kay Saath and for his tagline ‘kya yeh khula tazaad nahin?’ If you haven’t heard him talking ever, you are missing out on something important in life


These days Suhail Warraich sahab is on a visit to different places, including Africa

While on the tour, he has kept his fans and followers updated about his activities in these different places through his social media accounts. A couple of days back, he shared a picture with a few African kids in the village Luma, in Niger, Africa.


Yesterday, he shared a photo in a local African dress, which he wore over his purple shirt and pants and Pakistanis obviously had a lot to say about the whole look

As soon as it was uploaded, people haven’t been able to hold themselves back from making savage jokes and from having fun with him using his own style and catchphrase.


The ‘kya yeh khula tazaad nahin’ tagline couldn’t be kept out of it when we talk about Suhail Warraich and people had fun using it


Some also noticed the kala chashma he styled with the African dress


People were also asking him if wearing this dress made him ‘feel’ African


Among all the comments, so many are just too hysterical to ignore

Then this guy was worried about the garmi he might have felt wearing all these things


And some cheeky jokes were also thrown into the mix

Khair, I love how Suhail Warraich seem to be effortlessly slaying the look like a boss. And jbtw, I find him cute in this outfit.

What do you think about the look? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via: @suhailswarraich / Twitter

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