29 Things You'll Miss About Student Life in Pakistan if You're Graduating Soon

By Zukhruf Mehboob | 24 Apr, 2016

Remember those childhood days when the greatest of all wishes was to break free from the caged life you had as students? Those were the days when studies seemed like the greatest burden and teachers were the most evil human beings alive. Well, guess what? Once you become what is known as an adult who enters their “practical life”, you’ll actually regret loathing the student life and an inner voice will definitely be saying “give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance, i wanna grow up once again”.

So, for all of you graduating out of your student days this year, here are some of the things we know you’ll definitely miss(because we sure do):


1. Making elaborate schemes for bunking classes with friends

Then getting caught and having your parents come to school for meetings with the principal.

Source: hippoquotes


2. And then going on random post-bunk ‘nashta‘ outings

Halwa puri after bunking your classes just tastes better for some reason.

Source: fridaytimes


3. The most random plans that start from two friends sitting in someone’s room in Lahore and end with 12 of you in Nathiagali

You’ll miss having the luxury of free time where the simplest of hangouts become roaring parties.

Via: PakWheels


4. When you did occasionally attend class, marking attendance for your friends

And ignoring the instructors’ threats to cancel the attendance for the whole class.

Source: memegenerator


5. Irritating your professors and being mean to them

Yeah, try being mean to a boss and we’ll see if they let you in to work the next day.

Via: We Heart It


6. Dancing to all the tharki-est songs in the world with your friends

You’ll miss being careless about everyone around you as you dance while Munni is getting badnaam.

Via: fotpforums


7. Passing notes to your friends

You can only do note passing in class, even if you have Whatsapps and Vibers and Kiks and whatnot. Jo mazza note passing mein hai woh aur kisi mein nahi.

Via: topyaps


8. Cheating

The unity during the exams or quizzes will never be displayed again, sadly.

Source: saddahaq


9. Always considering morning classes as optional

If you had an 8 am class, you’ll try if you can wake up. But if you couldn’t, you’d think it was okay.

Source: hercampus


10. Trying to disturb a really old professor’s classes by making weird noise

Making weird sounds during an intense lecture is the right of passage for every college student.

Source: whisper


11. Staying up all night for exams, or assignments, or just about anything

Pulling an all-nighter before the exam is what college is all about, right?

Source: gradstate


12. The forced treats and muftaas

If a friend got one more mark, it meant a treat was due. If only “practical” life was like that too.

Source: tripadvisor


13. Going up North

The trips with your jiggars and all the excursions don’t have the same charm with work colleagues.

Via: Tourism 321


14. Never paying attention to in-class lectures

And then copying assignments from your friends.

Source: teachermemes


15. Playing antakshari, or card games

Hanging out in the university cafe with the greasy food and ending up playing antakshari was the perfect day at college.

Source: scooppick


16. Using these on your friends for their birthday celebrations

Via: Dawn


17. Making your friends laugh while they delivered their presentations

Source: tumblr


18. Taking hours every morning to get read

Kyunki university parhnay nahi opposite sex ko impress karnay jatay hain.

Source: liyanala


19. Drinking the best chai in the world at your college canteens

You’d kill for a cup of chai that only the chacha of your college canteen can make.



20. Living through the emotional pain of becoming kaala from all the harsh sun in your college grounds

Keeping a stock of sun-blocks and a list of home remedies to get rid of the evil tan was your weekly routine.

Source: giphy


21. The never talked, but extremely fierce, about competition to score the highest

While you may say you don’t care, deep down you always did. And now you miss the competition.

Source: pinterest


22. Sleeping in class through the lectures

Kyunki us jaisi mazay ki neend nahi koi.

Source: viralstories


23. Being the biggest supporters of your college sports teams during tournaments

You may have the least interest in basketball, especially female one, but come a tournament with another college you had to show how your team has better supporters.

Source: University of Agriculture Faisalabad


24. Taking selfies at every outing, event or randomly in class

That’s how you preserve memories, after all.

Via: Fashion Central


25. All the poondi

Source: fzspeaks


26. Your professors, teachers and mentors

They gave you the treasure of knowledge and wisdom. It’s thanks to them that you will be graduating with qualities like confidence, good speaking skills and thinking out of the box engraved in your personalities.

Source: giphy


27. The after-getting-free-from-exams wali khushi and the celebration that followed

Via: Buzzfeed


28. Waiting for results

And then crying to your professors for every single mark for an A grade.

Via: Starfish Asia


And above all…


29. Your friends

Going to a class full of friends who were always there in times of need. No matter what, these people always had your back and now they are your second family for life.



What are you going to miss about college?

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