13 Things You've Struggled With If You're A “Modern” Girl With Conservative Desi Parents

By Keera Knightly | 1 Jul, 2017

Living in this modern era ain’t easy especially if you’ve got conservative desi parents. And if you’re a Muslim girl in a desi world, where your parents try so hard to impose rules on you that are totally contrary to what they’ve actually subliminally been teaching you, it gets way to confusing for your soft brain. Oh, the frustration! Ya tau full maulani ban jao ya full modern. There should be no in between MAMA, because it’s confusing as hell.

Here are the struggles desi girl with conservative parents, will relate to:


1. When you’re not allowed to wear sleeveless, but after a lot of tussle, this is what you’re finally allowed:

And you’re just like “????????????”


2. When the most indecent thing you could do is wear your dupatta on your neck, leaving your chest exposed

Source: Dharma Productions

But somehow, your conservative desi parents have no problem with this:

So wait..


3. When you’re not supposed to fraandship with boys

Source: Hum Network Limited

And of course your conservative desi parents facilitate this process by sending you to a Co-Ed School

Source: bayviewhigh.edu.pk


4. When your parents constantly yell at you to get off your butt and pray namaaz.

Which is okay, but… at Fajr time they’re like…


5. When everything you want to do in life is met with one answer from your conservative desi parents:


And you can’t help yourself but say this every time

Source: Deewangi / tumblr


6. When your younger sisters are allowed to do everything you weren’t allowed to do in your time (and prime) and when you ask why

Jahaan tak meri ki thi, ammi. -_-


7. When your mom finds out about your boyfriend and instead of shaming you she helps you hide him from dad

Source: Dharma Productions


8. When every ‘bad’ thing you do is your friend’s fault

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube

And your mom can’t help but slap you and blame it all on your friend for corrupting your dressing style

Source: www.youthconnect.in


9. When you become religious and you think you finally won’t have any issues

And your mom freaks out by telling you not to be an extremist and says


10. When you’ve been told to never get into a relationship with a boy but when a random rishta comes your conservative desi parents encourage you to go out and meet him

Source: Vinod Chopra Films / Rajkumar Hirani Films


11. When you’ve become dheet to your parents scolding you and they’ve come to the realization that they no longer scare you, so they try to threaten you in different ways

Source: deenga.com

But it never works…


12. When all your life you’ve never been allowed to go on sleepovers but suddenly out of the blue your conservative desi parents allow you to go… when you’re an adult and aren’t THAT excited about one

Source: deenga.com


13. When you do something really great and your conservative desi parents are shy to compliment you properly because it compromises on their ‘strict’ and ‘conservative image

Source: deenga.com


Do you have parents who’re like this? Share your stories too, ladies.


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Cover image via: Hum Network Limited

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