13 Things About Our “Zamana” We Wish All Desi Parents Would Understand

By Sakina Hunaid | 26 Mar, 2017

We love our desi parents and we know that our parents love us too, but there are some things that we wish our parents could understand about how things are in our zamana and how they’re probably way different than the way it was during theirs.

Here are few things that most desi kids can relate to about their parents not being able to understand about their lives:


1. Support us if we’re not the brightest students, don’t taunt us.

Source: Oriental Films

The taunting doesn’t help. It makes us hate ourselves because despite trying to please you by studying we don’t all end up getting A’s. Maybe our strength isn’t in books.


2. Not everyone wants to become a doctor or an engineer. There might be a budding artist or a musician in some of us, please don’t kill that.

Source: deenga.com

In 21st Century, the possibilities are endless. There’s just so much that one could do.


3. Not everyone dreams of getting married by 26. Give us some space to figure out who we are and what we want.

Source: deenga.com


4. Please don’t invite half the city to our weddings.

Source: deenga.com

We don’t like, or even know most of the guests. It is a special day which we want to celebrate with special people only.


5. Some of us may not want kids after marriage.

Please understand that having kids is not for everyone.

Source: Oriental Films

Honestly, we do appreciate the efforts you have put into raising us but we are just not ready to make that sort of a commitment (yet).


6. We may not have the same spiritual values that you do, please let us find our way instead of dictating what to believe.

Source: Six Sigma Entertainment


7. It’s okay if we take a wrong decision, let us spread our wings and fly.

Via: Tumblr

You can’t always be there over our heads, all our lives. We want you to be, but that’s not how nature works. So prepare us for the time when you’re not there to hold our hands.


8. We may not identify, sexually, the way you expected us to. Please support us through that.

It’s already hard knowing that you feel different than most other people around you, so the support of parents is extremely critical.

Source: deenga.com


9. Let us get to know our future bae, and maybe even choose them.

Aap ke zamane mein rishtey pakkay kartay thay. Times are a’changing now.

Via: Tumblr


10. If we’re going through a difficult phase in life that may be a kaala daagh on your public image, please don’t make it more difficult for us

Things like divorce, breakup or failure at work or school isn’t something we want for ourselves either. If they happen, your jabs don’t make that experience any better.

Source: We Think Films / Hot Water Bottle Films


11. The job market is saturated, please understand if we are unemployed. The taunting doesn’t help.

Source: deenga.com


12. We’re sorry for taking away your life from you.

You do so much for us, we really want you to take a break and give yourself some time.

Via: Tumblr

We don’t like seeing you exhausted all the time.


13. We love you, a lot.

Source: Unilever Pakistan

Yes we don’t always see the world the same way and yes we will probably never tell you how much we love you, but the truth is, we cannot survive without you.


Cover image via: Unilever Pakistan

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