Strawberry Desserts In Lahore That Will Be A Better Companion This Valentine's Day Than Your Bae

By Sinwan Zahid | 12 Feb, 2018

‘Tis the season of strawberry desserts (YAY) and ’tis the season of love (…4ever alone). The 14th of February is fast approaching, hence we’re here to guide you to some delicious red desserts agar laal apkay dil ka haal nai hai. 

Single people know the pressure of having to deal with not having a significant other. Let’s be honest, it completely sucks watching all your friends getting chocolate-dipped strawberries and flowers aur idhar humay koi murr ker nai dekhta. Magar, let’s take you through how you can bae it up with strawberries, a beautiful fruit with zero expectations and only end up spending money on yourself this Valentine’s Day. #SELFLOVE #berrytherapy


Subha ka aghaaz kiya jaye with this

The Hot Spot Cafe! Order these delightful crepes with strawberries, strawberry syrup, homemade vanilla ice cream topped off with delicious whipped cream.

See more about the place here.

Strawberry crepe with hand made ice Vanilla ice cream @the_hot_spot_cafe

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Agar thori chocolate chahiye tou

Order yourself some delish Belgian waffles with strawberries, cream, and chocolate sauce from The Delicatessen by Cosa Nostra. Stuff yourself and feel that love!

More details here.


Treat yourself to some pre-lunch snack

And mix juicy, sweet strawberries with some chocolate sauce and cream from Dessert Directory. Jaani, aaj tou banta hai.

See more here.


For lunch, weight watchers can opt for this healthier alternative

The Pantry by The Polo Lounge serves a tasty strawberry salad with caramelized walnuts and goat cheese. MAZAYYYYDAR!

See more here.

High tea bhi kerlain!

You can have this to-die-for strawberry custard tart at Rina’s Kitchenette. Filled up with sweet custard cream, topped with strawberries and garnished with a basil leaf… iskay liye marna banta bhi hai.

For more info, check here.


The day’s coming to an end, it’s time for dinner and you can have this more fancy-looking dessert now

You should definitely go for this mirror glaze strawberry cheesecake dome from the Dessert Directory *SALIVATING*

For details, check here.


About that late night Valentine’s Day movie you’ve been wanting to watch but don’t (owing to your current relationship status)

Conquer your fears and play it! While you’re at it, take these delectable Pop Nosh strawberry popcorns on your journey to #selfsufficiency!


To give yourself an even special BONUS treat

Order some of Rina’s yummy strawberry pavlova with Chantilly cream, tuile, and end your day thanking God for strawberries!

For more details check here.


Who needs a bae when we’ve got these mouth-watering strawberry desserts waiting to be devoured?


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