Here Are Some Of The Most Memorable Performances By The Legend Qazi Wajid

By Sarah Babar | 12 Feb, 2018

Qazi Wajid sahab‘s loss came as a shock to many who had grown up watching him act. Evenings where hours were spent ensconced by the fireplace, or cuddling up with the rest of the family and watching “Tanhaiyaan” and “Dhoop Kinare”. The way Qazi Wajid sahab brought his characters to life was a trait possessed by few others. His coworkers have only ever had amazing things to say about the man, his credibility as a actor, and his sheer presence. Having received many accolades for his contribution to both radio (for 25 years) and television, in Pakistan, we take a look at some of the performances we grew up watching and absolutely fell in love with.


“Ankahi” was a show that started a lot of things for the Pakistani drama industry

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And Qazi Wajid sahab‘s character breathed life into the show even more. The whole premise that we saw in “Yakeen Ka Safar” where a young girl says mean things about her boss to her boss’ family, unknowingly, started from here. Playing the adorable uncle who eventually becomes the reason Sana gets hired into Taimoor’s company, Qazi Wajid sahab, won so many hearts in the show. It’s one of the characters that is still remembered as fondly, now, as it was watched all those years ago.



Our absolute favorite Faran from “Tanhaiyaan” was hopelessly in love with Aani and her family

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He became a pillar of strength for Zara’s family after her accident. The way with which he dealt with his right-hand man Qabacha, was an inspiration for many characters to follow. It was hard not to love Faran’s character in the show. We see, from the very beginning, that Faran sahab, the landlord, gets along really well with Sanya, which goes to show that he’s loved by people of all ages. Moreover, there’s a childishness in Faran which surfaces every time his sister is around. The condensation of these character traits all into


The role of Zoya’s father could possibly not have been played better by anyone else, in “Dhoop Kinare”, hands down

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From the very beginning of the show, Qazi Wajid sahab‘s character is shown to be a loving man, a man who’s bond with his daughter pales in comparison to most relationships. The way with which he is with his daughter, Zoya and her friend, from the very first episode, sets precedence for how our journey with him is going to be, on the show. He’s a man who believes in being more friends than parent with his daughter, that kids grow and learn about life from their own experiences and should always be helped when they reach out for it.


However, his role in “Khuda Ki Basti” was the one that put him on the industry’s map

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They say that it was the role of Raja, that Qazi Wajid sahab played, that actually became the reason for his fame on television. After having been in the radio industry for so long, it was this drama that became a game changer was him and led to his ever increasing popularity on television.


With “Chand Grehan” things were a little different with Qazi Wajid sahab

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The rigid owner of a newspaper who turns his own son out of the company for publishing a piece of news that he didn’t agree with, we see a whole different side of Qazi sahab‘s acting spectrum. Where at one point we had seen him as the lovable, always smiling man, in the shows that he had done before, he completely shifts from those characters and turns into an Editorial version of Hitler. And that’s where the story takes on from.


“Taleem e Balighan”

The story of “Taleem e Balighan” revolved around a school where the students were actually adults – hence, balighan. The education provided is both satirical and rib ticklingly funny. Whether it was when the show was first aired

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Or when the series was shot one more time and aired again. But both times, there was one thing that stayed and enriched our lives even further

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Amongst his latest work, we see the remake of the classic “Tanhaiyaan” into “Tanhaiyaan – Naye Silsilay” 

Source: ARY Digital

The show which was a continuation of its namesake from the past, shows Qazi Wajid sahab once again as Faran sahab with Aani. However, Faran sahab isn’t the lively, friendly man that he used to be, anymore. He’s bitter and irritable, with the rest of the family walking on eggshells around him. He is shown to have been stuck in the same place for the past 10-12 years. The way he is the complete opposite of his initial portrayal of Faran sahab in the original series, is not only heartbreaking, it is believable enough that you can actually feel your heart break.


And the absolutely amazing Baran in “Sang E Mar Mar” 

Source: HUM Network

Appearing only in flashbacks, Baran Khan is a strong character who sets precedent for how his son, Gullistan Khan should go about with how he deals with those who answer to him. Baran’s was a character who asked his son to kill him, showing the darkness within the character.


To say that we are absolutely gutted over the loss of the great Qazi Wajid sahab would be an understatement. It feels like an icon for our generation has left us. However, we pray and hope that he may rest in peace and that his legacy may live on forever ?️?️

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