The Most Desi Thing Just Happened At New York Fashion Week And We Are HERE FOR IT

By Biya Haq | 12 Feb, 2018

If you’re a fashionista or have any kind of social media, you’ve probably noticed that it is currently Fashion Week in New York City. All the Bella Hadid’s, Gigi Hadid’s and Kendall Jenners of the world have come to don some of the most famous fashion designers in the industry.


Most of the time, everything on the runway in the fashion world is basically never ever EVER wearable by Desi’s around the world. Mostly because they look like this:

@gypsysport @clermonttwins #NYFW18

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And if we did wear any of it, our Ammi’s, in turn, would look like this:

Source: Deenga

WELL, this year is different because this fashion week, the ultimate Desi thing dominated the runway of none other than Alexander Wang.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar



Ammi’s clip has officially made it’s way to the world of high fashion and it is about DAMN time.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar


WANG's ? CLIP? #lovewangmind#alexanderwang

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Source: W Magazine

If you’re a Desi, you have DEFINITELY seen this hair clip around your house. And if you’re reallllllllly a Desi, you’ve broken quite a few of them and hidden the remains. (Sorry, mama.)

Source: Deenga

The iconic hair accessory has officially made it to the world of high fashion and we are NOT MAD ABOUT IT.


Desi mamas around the world rn.

Source: All India Bakchod Via: YouTube

Wang brought the clip, aka the ‘claw’ clip to the runway in his show this past weekend. Suffice to say it took about three seconds for the world to get absolutely excited about the 90’s throwback.


Many said the look resembled the classic ‘Rachel’ look from Friends.

Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

But we only see our Ammi’s here.


All in all, it seemed as if the look went well with people all over the interwebs as well.

Source: Twitter

Let’s bring it ALLLLLL back.

Source: Twitter

Honestly, wouldn’t be mad at all if they really did make a comeback.

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


Keep it up fashion world, keep it up. Love you.

Cover photo source Harper’s Bazaar/Hum Network Limited

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